Choosing a Rooftop Bar

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, increasingly people are preferring to eat out in open air restaurants, since they are safer. In large cities like Singapore, many people prefer to visit a rooftop bar since it has an excellent view of the city, the various landmarks and activities in the city. While some hotels have bars on the rooftop, they may not be suitable for everyone. Some of the considerations while choosing a rooftop bar in Singapore are discussed below which help groups or couples or individuals choose the right bar, so that they can have a good time.



Before choosing the rooftop bar, the visitor should decide what is his most important priority. Some want to visit a rooftop bar to enjoy the view of Singapore. In this case, it is advisable to check the location of the bar. The rooftop bar will have a very good view of the surrounding areas, only if it is located on the top of a very tall building. If the rooftop bar is surrounded by taller buildings, they will block the view from the bar. In other cases, the visitors want to have a good time, so it is advisable to check the ambience and feedback from those who have visited the rooftop bar.

Dress code, cover charge

There are only a limited number of rooftop bars in Singapore, and most of them cater to wealthy customers. Hence they often have a dress code, and visitors will not be allowed to enter unless they conform to this dress code. Also the rooftop bar will usually have a cover charge, which should be paid for entering the bar. While single women may be exempted from paying the cover charge in some cases, men usually have to pay the charge. In some cases, reservation may be required for specific time slots. So it is advisable to check dress code, cover charge before planning a visit.


Though most people are visiting the rooftop bar for the view and the drinks, the bar will usually have some food which their guests can consume with the drinks. Often people visit the bar after they finish work in the office, so they are hungry. While french fries, chicken,dips, salads are found in almost all bars, the meat and seafood dishes will vary. Most bars have pork and beef dishes like ham, steak, while squid, prawns, sea bass are popular seafood. On weekdays, they also have special deals and promos, where clients can combine a dish with a drink at a discounted rate.


One of the main reasons why people visit the rooftop bar is the wide range of drinks available. The cocktails available are usually unique to the bar, and are specially formulated by the bartender. The bar will also have a wide range of champagnes for those who are celebrating any event or achievement. To complement the food, there are other red and white wines available. Additionally to cater to the requirement of the customers, the rooftop bar also has other alcoholic drinks like vodka, rum, whisky, brandy, gin from different brands. The drinks are available at lower rates during the happy hour.

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