How to Celebrate National Hair Day in Style

There’s a day for virtually every occasion these days, from national cat day, to father’s day. But not all of those wonderful occasions will be worth celebrating for everyone. However, national hair day is one of the often underappreciated occasions on the calendar that’s sure to appeal to wide selection of people. Whether you’re a hairdresser or stylist, or simply someone who loves all things hair, maybe it’s time that you added national hair day to your calendar?

How to Celebrate National Hair Day in Style
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National hair day only appeared for the first time in the 2000s, so there’s still a way that this celebratory day has to go before it becomes mainstream.

1. Book a Salon Appointment

What better way to celebrate a day devoted to hair than to give yourself a brand-new style. Book an appointment with a salon, barber, or hairstylist, and let yourself experiment with some new looks. Even if you just get a touch-up and a quick trim, you’ll feel incredible, and you’ll be giving something back to the creative industry at the same time.

To make the experience even more memorable, consider taking a small gift to the salon for your stylist too. This could be a great way to show the person who looks after your hair how much you appreciate their commitment, and their talent.

2. Indulge in some extra hair care

You don’t need to book a trip to the salon to look after your do. You can also care for your hair at home with some fantastic products, and a little bit of time. Invest in a hair mask for some deep conditioning and relax in the bath tub for a little while. This will be an extra special way for you to give your locks the attention that they deserve, while you enjoy some much needed TLC.

You could also consider looking for other ways to protect and celebrate your hair, like using a new shampoo or leave-in hair treatment. You might even decide to spend the whole day eating and drinking foods that are perfect for hair health!

3. Throw a Hair Party

We all need more reasons to celebrate in our lives these days, so why not have some fun with your own hair party? You can ask everyone to turn up with their hair looking their best or invite people to experiment with styles that are linked to a specific era. For instance, one person might come with the best hair style from the nineties, while someone else channels their inner 80s diva.

If most of the people who you’re going to be celebrating with don’t have time to work on amazing looks for your big party, you could always consider inviting them to wear wigs instead. The more outrageous the wig-  the better the celebration.

4. Give Hair Themed Gifts

Gifts are always an amazing way to celebrate any occasion. For national hair day, it’s up to you who actually gets the presents you’re going to be buying. You could consider giving your stylist a present or sharing gifts with the other hair lovers in your life as part of a big blowout celebration. Alternatively, why not just indulge in something special for yourself? If you’re having a party and you don’t want to spend a lot on presents, you could even think about making your own DIY hair masks.

If you are going to be giving gifts on this special national day, then make sure everyone who’s going to be coming to your event knows about this. No-one wants to turn up to a party packed full of presents empty-handed.

5. Let Your Hair Down

Finally, if you don’t do anything else on national hair day, then the very least you can do is simply let your hair down. Relax and do something fun that’s just for you. You’ll get extra bonus points if the thing you do has something to do with hair, so think about what you could do that might make you feel better. Could you change up your style or try doing something new with a set of straighteners? Maybe you could just give yourself a luxurious blow dry at home?

Our hair goes through a lot every day, with weather and styling products to contend with, but we don’t usually find time to pamper it as much as we should. This national hair day, make sure you change all that.

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