Should Experiments With Kink Be Tabooed?

Being born is a source of eternal joy and hope. However, the ensuing process of procreation has been sidetracked from the discussion for like forever. Even though we are now riding with the waves of the highest advancements in all aspects of our life, still discussing openly and seriously about sex is a hard no in almost all parts of the world.

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This sex taboo is so severe in some regions that often children fail to understand its gravity and end up doing many misdeeds. One of the primary impacts of having no awareness around the topic leads to woman objectification, which has some grave implications not only on the individual’s psyche but also on society. Therefore, having awareness around the subject is a must-do during one’s growing years. 

The Original Sin

The topic is sex is so tabooed, that in the Bible it is referred to as ‘The Original Sin’. We are all aware of the story of Adam & Eve and how they were tempted. While religious myths have their lore and beliefs, psychology says a different story. Almost all the major religions of the world, define a human being as the supreme creation on earth. Even, the theory of evolution agrees with this notion as well. 

We, humans, tend to project ourselves as spiritual beings as well. Now the act of sex is often considered animalistic, which thereby contradicts the very foundation of spirituality. Besides, when during civilization, human beings formed societies, the act or discussion of sex became a bitter sight in the social area, thereby sweeping it completely under the rug. 

The taboo became more and more prominent with the spread of European colonialism as the local pagan believers had their way of managing with the topic, which was subdued by the colonial rulers. The pattern is quite similar to the subjugation of the local people of color in various parts of the world like Latin America, India, Africa, and various colonies of Pan-Asia. 

Is Sex Important?

The answer to this question is a straight yes because without this activity the world would be devoid of any kind of beings whether humans or animals. While procreation is the primary reason for sex’s importance for not only human beings but also the whole animal kingdom, in the case of human beings there are other factors as well.

The act of sex for us humans is not only a physical need but a psychological one as well. The balance of physical as well as mental wellbeing is very much dependent on sex. The internet is flooded with articles, blogs, and doctor’s suggestions on its benefits for weight loss, cardiac problems, overall psychological well being, and many more. 

Variety is the spice of life

Despite sex being a tabooed topic, it never ceases to amaze human beings in general. Whether it is the curiosity of puberty about the human anatomy, indulging in the pleasure with one’s beloved, the excitement to know another new person on an intimate level or pamper one’s desires, sex affects every aspect of our lives. 

It would not be wrong to assume that sex being an extremely personal facet of one’s life has its defined quirks. As our world has been evolving into space with more openness in thoughts and philosophies, a whole industry has emerged to fan our desires into blazing fires with various products. 

Interestingly these products have a huge customer base. Anyone interested would be able to avail of these products with just a few clicks or taps. One such prime example of these products' availability is kinky cloth. These products add some delicious spice to the bedroom and are game-changers in nocturnal activities, whether you are bored out of routine sex or you already have an exciting sex life. 

Kink: The barred relative of sex

The phenomenal trilogy of Mr. Grey by E. L. James introduced the world to the arena of BDSM or kink. BDSM loosely forms the acronym for Bondage Domination Sadism and Masochism. The apparent pain in the whole process of sex is often detested by the public in general thereby making this subject more tabooed than the root subject of sex as well. 

The most common features in any kink or BDSM area includes:

● A dominant: The one who controls the situation and perform the specific activity

● A submissive: The one who is at the receiving end and is controlled by the dominant

● Switch: Role reversal where the dominant becomes submissive and vice versa

●Safe word: The indication that any action is unbearable by either party (usually the submissive) thereby ceasing the whole process to a complete stop immediately 

BDSM has its community where the members abide by defined rules and dare not to defy them. These rules hold well for anyone whether they are dominants or submissive. 

If we move out of the world of dominants and submissive, the regular public also indulges in various BDSM Activities from time to time. However, most of them do not dare to acknowledge it, even in the right forum because of the obvious taboos associated with it. The point to note over here is that, there is no shame or harm in indulging in these activities, as long they happen with the consent of both the parties involved. 

Consent and Safety: The foundation of sex

The practice of having sex is based on the two pillars of consent and safety. It is extremely important both parties involved in the activity have agreed to it, else it becomes a kind of abuse, which might be criminal as well. The other pillar is safety, which generally involves contraception. This ensures that both are safe from any sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies especially for the female involved. 

Another aspect is physical safety that is often overlooked but equally important. Trying some weird positions, without estimating one's' capacity can be quite dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

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