Securing the Health of Your Child Through Killing Lice by Home Remedies

Head lice infestation is one of the most hectic things for parents and children. The moment a child comes home from school with an itch in his/her head, parents get tensed and the first thought that come to their mind is about head lice infestation. They wanted to get their child rid of the head lice as soon as possible, but do not have complete guide line in this regard. Over the counter products, properly prescribed medication and natural home remedies are the three main options they have before them to kill lice. Though the first two are also very effective, the best way is to use natural home remedies.

Securing the Health of Your Child Through Killing Lice by Home Remedies
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We have also figured out some useful home remedies for the parents to avail themselves of in order to secure the head-health of their child. Let’s have a look at them and see what suits you the best.

1. Use vinegar to rinse your hair well

Does vinegar kill lice is the question often wondered by a lot f parents. The answer is yes. It is believed to dissolve the sticky glue the female louse secretes to attach her eggs to hair shafts of the victim. The acetic acid present in vinegar is assumed to be helpful in prepping hair for nit combing once they have been treated against the wingless parasites. You may use white vinegar, either straight up or diluted with water. However, you must keep in mind that there is no proven evidence for the clinical benefit of vinegar in this context.

2. Apply olive oil repeatedly

Lice are supposed to suffocate and die when the ooze plugs their breathing holes. This is done by olive oil when applied on the scalp overnight with a shower cap on for the whole night. This is because lice can survive without breathing for hours. It works like an excellent smothering agent. In the morning, when you wash out hair with a fine shampoo, olive oil help loosen the nits from the hair shafts. You can easily comb out all the nits and lice with a fine toothed comb of the highest quality. You should repeat the remedy every night for at least two weeks.    

3. Try some petroleum jelly or hair gel

Both of these products work on the same principle like the one with olive oil. The application of petroleum jelly or hair gel for the whole night with a shower cap on the head also suffocates the lice and weakens the grip of nits on the hair shafts. After washing with a good quality shampoo, the lice and nits can be combed out easily and smoothly. Repeat the same treatment on the alternate nights for two weeks.

4. Hire a delousing service

The most effective and absolutely non-toxic of all the treatments is the manual delousing service done either by some of your near or dear ones or through some professionals. Over the years, there have sprung a whole industry of people who are specialist lice removers. 

In order to organize the whole system and introduce some standards to the industry, the National Association of Lice Treatment Professionals was launched in 2012. You may ask your friends, neighbors or the school nurse to suggest you some reliable service in this regard.                 

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