How Chiropractic Care Can Help Manage Your Headaches

Are frequent headaches your biggest headache? That's the worst thing about headaches. They are widespread and irrespective of age. Although having a headache doesn't imply you've serious health issues, frequent or certain headache types can be excruciating and require expert or medical help.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Manage Your Headaches
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Headaches are triggered by various factors - mental and physical. For starters, fiddling with your sleep timings or exposure to cold winds, can lead to mild headaches and dizziness. Other factors include skin & beauty items, accidents & injuries, chemical exposure, depression & stress, and toxins from food. 

If you're looking for natural & effective ways to cure your headache, consider chiropractic care. This article will talk in detail about how a chiropractor for headaches can be an effective solution for frequent headaches. 

Who is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a medical expert who deals with the diagnosis & treatment of neuromuscular dysfunctions. Their mode of treatment is manipulation or manual flexing of the spine. 

A Chiropractor MD is effective in headache treatment, spine care during pregnancy, herniated discs and other few ailments. 

Is Chiropractic Treatment Effective?

Yes, of course. There are several real-life examples where patients undergoing critical medical issues were cured by a Chiropractor. A thirty-one-year-old patient suffered from chronic migraines after her pregnancy. Thanks to the chiropractic treatment, she experienced fewer headaches, which completely stopped by the end of the tenth month. 

Source of this information: Global Advances in Health and Medicine. 

There are several cases like this of successful chiropractic treatment, making it effective without any doubt. 

Headache Types cured by Chiropractors

Tension Headaches

The contraction of muscles in your head and neck region leads to tension headaches. They become too tight and start causing pain. You may notice pain in your forehead initially. In some cases, the pain extends beyond your forehead and reaches the neck area, requiring treatment. 

Causes: Continuously looking at your smartphones, poor posture, and stress. 

Migraine Headaches

The Migraine Research Foundation has stated that over six percent of men, eighteen percent of women, and ten percent of kids in the United States get affected by Migraines every year. In fact, Migraine is the sixth most critical illness in the World. 

Migraine Triggers: Jet lag, tiredness, physical overexertion, a lack of sleep, etc. 

Cluster Headaches

Rightly named, they occur several times in a day and can be agonizing. Moreover, they occur on one side of the head and last anywhere between ten minutes to an hour. The fact that they can occur several times a day gives a callous time to the sufferer. Interestingly, they can disappear all of a sudden and reappear after some time. 

Chiropractic Treatment Options

Spinal Manipulation

The chiropractor acts as an activator and uses their hands to apply rapid and vigorous pressure on the vertebrae. This technique is effective if you're experiencing cluster headaches or migraines due to nerve irritation. Manipulation is a proven way to reduce headaches because it works on easing the nerves and pain, as they are the core causes of headaches. 

Spinal Mobilization

This technique involves stretching your spine through gentle and hands-on pressure. This leads to an enhanced joint function that eases muscle contraction and tension between the vertebrae. Tight muscles are one of the main reasons for various types of headaches. Mobilization can be effective in such cases. 


Several headache treatment plans include massages because of their effectivity in pain-control. They increase the range of motion, loosens tense muscles, and improve blood flow. All this translates to a decreased recurrence of headaches. They also decrease stress, which can do away with tension headaches.

Health benefits of chiropractic care 

Reduced inflammation

Decreased pain and discomfort

Enhanced physical function & performance

Relaxation from stress & tension disorders 

No one likes headaches. Unfortunately, many people still take them lightly until they become a serious concern. If you're noticing signs of frequent or abnormal headache patterns, consider contacting a Chiropractor.

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