Top 10 Essential Shopping Guide in New York

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Top 10 Essential Shopping Guide in New York, Travel, Shopping, New York, Shopping Tips
Top 10 Essential Shopping Guide in New York

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Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue is a mecca for any fashion-focused tourist. The street is bustling with all the high-end fashion brands that offer a jaw-dropping view. Along the way, you will find Cartier, Tiffany's, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, and DeBeers, where you can indulge in some window shopping and soothe your heart and eyes. It is also the home to some of the world-famous retailers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, all featuring the most excellent goods in the world.

Greenwich Village
This Village comes across as one of the most open and beautiful parts of the city. The Village remains a wonderfully free, tolerant community for anyone who is hoping to explore individuality, talent, and thought. A robust presence adds character, and Bleecker Street is a music and shopping lover's paradise. It's smattered all over with quirky bookshops, record stores, and special spots that are as unique as the neighborhood's residents. 

Lower East Side
LES has excellent bargains and indie boutiques. It is also filled with stores that feature designers who design and sew their creations. Here you will collectively find home furnishings, jewelry, and, hip cafes and culinary experiences abound. You'll also find gourmet pastries, chic wine bars, and charming coffee cafes mixed in with the residents still shopping in some of the old haunts like the authentic Jewish deli Russ & Daughters. 

SOHO (South of Houston)
SoHo was once the abode to many New York's factories – from sewing to iron foundries and everything in between. The warehouse buildings have now all been converted to loft spaces used for chic living, while down below an array of high-end fashion boutiques, exquisite shops, and trendy restaurants abound for the rest of us. You'll find a classy Chanel boutique sprinkled between the Hollisters, H&Ms and Zaras of the streets. You can very easily spend an entire day here wandering the cobblestone streets, stopping for lunch or a cocktail and, of course, shopping. 

China Town
New York is the home to the largest ethnic Chinese population outside of Asia. The bustling, rough and tumble neighbourhood extends from Canal Street to City Hall. A lot of acupuncturists, herbalists and other Chinese medicine specialists offer excellent treatments to ease the tension out of your shoulders caused by holding too many shopping bags. To check out more of modern shopping, you can also stop by Canal Street Market to peek at higher-end offerings from local artisans. 

Union Square
It is one of the bustling shopping zones with everything from Whole Foods to Nordstrom Rack fully populating the area. During the holiday season, it is exquisitely lovely, with outdoor tents featuring all sorts of gifts, handmade soaps, scarves, and craft items. Union Square is also famous for the local, organic and fresh food. The fresh flowers are showcased on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays by New York farmers in an outdoor setting. There are many Cozy coffee bars, and many of the city's most excellent restaurants are here too.

Madison Avenue
Madison Avenue from 59th street to the '90s is the home to topnotch fashion brands such as Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Hermes and almost every high-end fashion designer. You can also find super luxurious hotels like the Mark, Pierre and the Carlyle, where major celebrities and other dignitaries stay. It was once synonymous with the New York advertising world; however it is now beautifully recognized for its wealth and unparalleled shopping opportunities. The Outdoor cafes are plentiful and populated with the jet-set who lunch in between their spa and salon visits.

NoLita, (North of Little Italy) is quite chic and super cool as the streets are filled with one-of-a-kind boutiques, shoe stores, jewellery vendors, and quirky style setters of the famous downtown. The boutiques are artist-driven boutiques and are a source of sheer joy for simply browsing or picking up unique pieces that will add flair to your wardrobe. NoLita is a unique combination of fashionable and friendly. These narrow streets are charmingly old-fashioned and ideal for people-watching in one of the many cozy independent cafes.

Meatpacking District
For all those people who love window shopping and spending major bucks, Fifth Avenue is a beautiful place to start. You'll find some top name designers and high-brow window displays begging to be gawked at.
However, if you're looking to get a little quirkier with your shopping, head across straight from the Williamsburg Bridge to this hipster haven where you can pop into cheese shops, vintage stores and pick up a cup of coffee at one of the many neighborhood cafes. 

Although Brooklyn and Manhattan was once situated against each other, Brooklyn has now slowly edged the island out of it and fully grabbed hold of the "cool" title. The streets of Williamsburg have an impressively beautiful array of street murals and art which is extraordinarily hip and fashionable. Hipsters usually congregate here, whether they are composing a song in a trendy bistro or scouring flea markets and scrumptious food bazaars. For classic vintage clothing or local independent stores, even Manhattanites have to admit that it is worth making it over to Brooklyn.

With these shopping destinations, you are all set to make the most of your trip.

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