Ceramide & Rose Water for Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is here, marking a month of fasting, prayers, and reflection for our Muslim friends. Before performing prayers, Muslims must go through the ritual of ablution or wudhu (the process of washing before prayers). For women, it could be challenging finding halal-certified beauty products to suit their skin. Mamonde has gone the extra mile to come up with products that use ingredients without any alcohol or animal substances. 

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Ceramide & Rose Water for Ramadan
Mamonde Moisture Ceramide & Rose Water Range

This Ramadhan, Mamonde recommends its Ceramide and Rose Water ranges that are compliant with the faith.  The products from these ranges are certified halal and wudhu-friendly, which means they can be freely used without having to be removed before prayers. They also contain moisturizing properties that are ideal for the skin especially during the fasting month when water consumption is restricted.

For the Ceramide range, Mamonde focuses on the Hibiscus Flower as its research has uncovered the flower’s moisturizing properties that can offer hydration benefits to the skin. The popular Ceramide range is formulated with moisturizing Hibiscus extract along with ceramide, its key ingredient.

The ideal combination of the Hibiscus extract and Ceramide helps to strengthen the skin’s outer barrier by keeping moisture close to the skin. This range is especially suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. Upon application, skin instantly feels fresh and moisturized without having any sticky residue.

The products under the Ceramide range that has been given halal certification is Ceramide Skin Softener, Ceramide Emulsion, Ceramide Light Cream and The Ceramide Intense Cream.

Ceramide Skin Softener 200 ml @ RM70
This intensive moisturizing toner helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier that has been damaged by external environment factors and provides a boost of hydration to the skin without leaving any sticky residue. It also contains the moisturizing agent Betaine extracted from beet to further moisturize the skin. Suitable for those experiencing flaky/sensitive/rough skin.

Ceramide Emulsion 150 ml @ RM80
Helps in strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and provides moisture to the skin. Its lightweight creamy texture is absorbed quickly into the skin.

Ceramide Light Cream 50 ml @ RM131
This has double the moisturizing ingredient made up of mainly hibiscus extract to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and looking healthy. A lighter alternative for those with combination skin. 

Ceramide Intense Cream 50 ml @ RM131
Works like the Light Cream to provide a boost of moisture to the skin. Ceramide is quickly absorbed and the double content of moisturizing ingredients extracted from the Hibiscus helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier to create a moist and healthy-looking skin. Suitable for those with flaky, sensitive and rough skin. 

Rose Water Range
Mamonde’s Rose Water Range uses 100% Organic Damask Rose as its main ingredient for its Rose Water range. Picked by trained experts when the morning dew is at its peak, the Damask Rose is highly-prized for its top quality. Rose extracts from the Mamonde Rose Water Range is grown in the Rose Valley in Turia village, Bulgaria.

Some of the key benefits of this range include instant soothing and moisturizing while the lovely scent helps to soothe the senses. Products in the Rose Water range included in the halal list are the Rose Water Toner, Rose Water Gel Cream and the Rose Water Soothing Gel.

Rose Water Toner 250 ml @ RM85
Infused with 90.97% rose water, Mamonde Rose Water Toner helps provide excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. When applied, it absorbs into the skin and immediately softens rough, flaky skin to reveal a clear and vibrant complexion.

Rose Water Toner Pad 40 sheets @ RM70
This is a rosy pad soaked in Rose Water Toner that can be used as a toner or a sheet mask. Functions are similar of the Rose Water Toner, it provides excellent soothing and moisturizing care for the skin. The Rose Water Toner Pad is ultra-lightweight and mesh. Upon application, the rose pad fits closely to the skin to remove dead skin cells and aid in delivering the rose water deeper into the skin.

Rose Water Gel Cream 80 ml @ RM99
A refreshing moisturizing cream effective for soothing and intensive skin moisturizing care. The Rose Water Gel Cream is light-weight and has a non-sticky texture. When applied, it forms a moisture barrier on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated for an extended time. To achieve the optimum result, use the Rose Water Toner/Rose Water Toner Pad followed by the Rose Water Gel Cream for a double-layered moisturising effect that will result in a smooth and dewy skin inside out.

Rose Water Soothing Gel 300 ml @ RM55
The Mamonde Rose Water Soothing Gel is a multi-purpose soothing gel infused with 90.81% of rose water that penetrates quickly onto the skin and provides the skin with rich moisture. It comes with rose fragrance and a cooling formula to help soothe dry and tired the skin on the face, hair, and body. The Rose Water Soothing Gel can be used as: -
• A cold pack or an overnight mask pack
• A rose-scented hair essence on hair roughened by a hot shower or UV rays
• A fragrant and cooling body lotion in the summer

Both the Moisture Ceramide and Rose Water range of products are available at Watsons stores nationwide.

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