How to Repair Damaged Hair: Common Causes and Treatments

There are many ways in which your hair can become damaged. These range from excessive sun to poor-quality or incorrect hair products, and even a lack of professional care. That’s a cause many people have become familiar with during the COVID-19 pandemic

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How to Repair Damaged Hair: Common Causes and Treatments

It’s also the reason why you need to pay the Marrickville hair salon a visit and restore the natural glow of your hair, it will make you feel better too!

Repairing damaged hair should be a priority. To do that it’s important to be aware of the most common causes and appropriate treatments.

Excess Heat
Excess heat, from the sun or from a hairdryer can make your hair dry and increase the likelihood of split ends. Dry hair has all the moisture sucked out of it, making it more susceptible to breaking. It’s also dull and flat looking.

Split ends cannot be fixed unless your hairdresser cuts them off. But, they can be smoothed down and further damaged avoided. You simply need to increase the moisture in your hair.

You can do this by avoiding the hairdryer and letting your hair dry naturally, whenever possible. It’s also possible to add a moisturizing product to your hair. This will add moisture and lock it into your hair, helping it to shine again. Another tactic to replenish the moisture is to use a conditioner that gets left in your hair. This gives it longer to work improving the moisture level of your air.

Curly Locks
If your hair is going curly or coiled but is normally straight then it could be dry or simply damaged from the weather, such as the wind when out. A leave-in conditioner is a good choice for this damage as well.  It will restore and flatten your hair in a fairly short space of time.

Ruffled locks are also a result of sleeping on a standard pillow. When your head moves around at night your hair effectively grinds against the pillow, damaging it. You can avoid this issue by replacing your pillowcase with pure silk pillowcasesIt’s so soft that your hair will stay silky smooth all night.

Split Ends
Products will help to smooth down split ends but there is currently no way to actually eliminate them. That’s why you need to visit the hairdresser and have them trimmed off.

Removing the split ends will stop them from taking nutrients from the rest of your hair, eliminating unsightly split ends, and improving the health of the rest of your hair.

If you haven’t washed your hair often enough or are using the wrong product it’s going to end up greasy and dirty looking. That’s not the attractive look you’re hoping for!

Try using a hairdresser approved shampoo and conditioner. It won’t just make sure your hair is clean, it will restore its luster and shine. That will give you the confidence boost you need to make the most of every opportunity thrown your way. Looking after your hair can make that much difference.

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