5 Common Dog Ownership Problems and How to Solve Them

While owning a pet can be incredibly rewarding, it is often not without its challenges. Unfortunately, a four-legged friend could struggle with a variety of problems throughout its life, and it is up to you to solve them. 

5 Common Dog Ownership Problems and How to Solve Them

If you’re unsure about the issues you could face when caring for a pet, here are five common dog ownership problems and how you can fix them.

1. Leash Pulling
Most dogs are often excited to spend some time in the great outdoors, which is why leash pulling can be a problem for pet owners when taking their canine for a walk.

A solution: A front-clip harness can be a worthwhile investment. If a dog pulls on its leash, it will place pressure on the front of the harness, which can force a four-legged friend to turn around and return to its owner.

2. Anxiety
Dog anxiety can occur in every breed and can affect them in different ways. Common signs can often include:
• Panting
• Diarrhea
• Circling
 Biting their own body

A solution: If you are worried that your pet will struggle with anxiety when left alone, there are steps you can take to ease their unhappiness. For instance, you could leave an item of clothing that smells like you, or you could provide them with calming chews for dogs, which could alleviate their separation anxiety.

3. Excessive Barking
While it is common for dogs to bark from time to time, excessive barking could quickly become a problem for your family, as well as your neighbors.

A solution: To stop your canine from barking whenever they fancy, you should train your dog “speak” and “quiet” commands. For example, command your pet to “speak;” you should then wait for them to bark two or three times. Once they have done so, present them with a yummy treat to praise this behavior.

4. Chewing
It can be frustrating to discover your much-loved pet has chewed on your sneakers or furniture. While chewing is natural for most four-legged friends, it can lead to them destroying many of your belongings.

A solution: If you spot your pooch chewing on your clothing or furniture, you should make a loud noise to interrupt their naughty behavior. You should provide them with a chew toy instead and heap them with praise when they take it. It will make your dog fall in love with their chew toys, so they will be less likely to gnaw at your shoes.

5. Large Vet Bills
Most pet owners are aware a puppy will require immunizations between six to eight weeks of life, as well as 16 weeks. While you might set money aside to cover their essential immunizations, you might not have factored in the financial cost of future health issues, such as hernias, worms, arthritis, or ear infections.

A solution: To avoid huge vet bills when your dog experiences poor health, you would be wise to purchase dog insuranceIt will require you to pay a small fee each month and, depending on the policy you choose, you will be financially covered for your veterinary bills.

By bearing in mind the above helpful tips, you could potentially avoid large vet bills, anxiety, and excessive barking.

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