7 Tips to Work From Home Productively

Hey! I m sure many of us are working from home during the Movement Control Order (MCO) and may find it hard to keep to a routine. To help, we have some tips for you to keep yourself productive as you work from home.

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7 Tips to Work From Home Productively 

Tip #1: Get ready for work
Create a morning routine that triggers your brain that it's time for work. This could mean getting dressed as you would normally for work, doing your morning exercise, or just taking some time to have breakfast.

Tip #2: Set up a workspace or home office
As tempting as it may be, working from your bed will make it harder for you to be productive. We recommend setting a space that's dedicated for work. This also creates a separation between your work and personal lives.

Tip #3: Plan what you want to accomplish for the day
Create a simple to-do list to keep you motivated, organized, and productive. Your list should include goals and tasks you want to complete by the end of the day. Ticking off those goals and tasks will show that you're making progress, which will motivate you!

Tip #4: Communicate with your team
In these uncertain times, over-communicating is better than not communicating enough. Make sure you have weekly or daily check-ins with your team members! Remember that this is a tough time for all of us so having some social interactions will also boost your morale ☺️.

Tip #5: Plan your meals ahead of time
Cooking takes a lot of time, which can result in stress! We recommend preparing ingredients in the morning or the day before. You can also get your meals delivered from us — we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals on the menu.

Tip #6: Take breaks
We recommend you take breaks after every 2 hours of work. Step out of your workspace and do some stretching or walk around. This will clear your mind and help you feel refreshed.

Tip #7: Stick to a schedule
Follow your regular work hours. You'll be able to get work done during those regular hours and dedicate personal time outside of those hours.

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