Tips for Finding the Right Brooch to Wear

If you love vintage and antique jewellery, you certainly aren’t in the minority, as most women love to be adorned with finely hand-crafted items of jewellery, and if you happen to be searching for the right brooch to go with a particular outfit, we have you covered with some tips.

Tips for Finding the Right Brooch to Wear
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Online Sources

Forget driving around looking for local vintage and antique dealers, when you want to browse an extensive collection of old brooches, search for an online antique dealer, who would have access to many fine items, all at affordable prices. You could, for example, search with Google images and send your favourite one to the antique dealer, and he can source something similar. Some UK dealers have a rare antique brooches collection and you can be sure that they are all genuine and prices would be fair.

Think Colours

Choosing a red or green brooch would give you a lot of options when accessorising, and the long list of precious stones offers you a great range for colour. It depends also on whether you are looking for a brooch for a specific outfit or event, or if you are looking for an accessory in general, but either way, the online the antique dealer would be the person to talk to.

Art Deco

A favourite period for many women, there are amazing Art Deco brooches, with vivid, rich colours and flowing designs, and if you are looking for a loud statement with an Art Deco brooch, talk to an online antique dealer that focuses on jewellery. It is important to have a level of trust with an online antique dealer, so do a little research to determine that the dealer has a good reputation within the industry.

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Single Shop Solutions

If you are a lover of vintage and antique jewellery, you could browse the online dealer’s website for a few hours and selects a few items to upgrade your jewellery collection. You could, for example, put a little money aside and make some acquisitions every few months, and by joining forces with a connected dealer, you get to view many more pieces.

Take Selfies

If you are going through your jewellery collection, looking for the perfect brooch, why not wear a few, take selfies and send them to your friends for their honest opinion. This will give you the reassurance you are looking for, so do ask your friends for their opinion by sending selfies. 

Choosing the right jewellery for an outfit is all about feeling good, and if you have a particular look and you feel good wearing it, then you have the self-confidence to go out and enjoy the event. If you’re into Art Deco, there are some stunning brooch designs that will perfectly complement your outfit, and by joining forces with an online antique dealer, you get access to many amazing pieces.

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