How To Protect Your Car in Your Garage

Storing your car in your garage isn’t enough. This storage solution may prevent direct sunlight and the worst of the elements, but your vehicle may still be susceptible to dirt, dust, and damage. Find out how to protect your car while it’s parked in your garage. Explore excellent products like the best car duster or a car cover that matches your exact vehicle for hassle-free dust and water protection.

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How To Protect Your Car in Your Garage

Dust, Wash, and Wax
Your car’s paint job will fade and scratch over time. Even if your vehicle never sees the light of day it’s still exposed to dust in your garage. If you do any work inside, then your vehicle may also be affected by water and oil spray. Washing, waxing and dusting is a great combination for keeping your car’s paint looking pristine.

Waxing typically extends the time between washes, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to dust. Use a dry car duster to maintain your vehicle in between washes. This will brush away any settled debris to prevent uneven fading or scratching. Premium dusters don’t require cleaning agents or water and trap dust for a spot-free finish.

Choose an Indoor Car Cover
A car cover is an even more effective way at reducing the amount of dust and debris on your vehicle. Unlike car storage bags, indoor car covers are perfect for short-term storage solutions. Don’t worry about minor dust, dents, scratches and water spray as you work in your garage.

Choose a cover that fits the make and model of your vehicle for ease of use. The same goes when choosing a tonneau cover for your pickup truck. Don’t struggle with a cover that’s too big or too small and doesn’t give you the best level of protection in your garage. Indoor covers are easy to fold and store in a small space. They don’t have the same protection against the elements as an outdoor cover, so be sure you only use an indoor-rated cover while parked in a garage.

Opt for a Storage Bubble
Choose a storage bubble or storage bag for long-term protection. Show cars and restoration projects deserve the best protection in between car shows and joyrides. Close them in a durable, reliable car storage bubble for impact and seasonal protection in a mildew-resistant environment. Few storage solutions compare to the durability and convenience of a storage bubble or bag.

Bubbles and bags come in a range of designs. They typically aren’t matched by make and model of vehicle like car covers, so check the dimensions of your chosen storage solution and be sure your car fits comfortably. These long-term storage solutions aren’t just designed to prevent dust and scratches but also rust, mildew and other storage-related issues.

Keep Your Car Safe
Shop for the latest deals on a car storage bubble, cover or car duster for your vehicle. Don’t let your classic vehicle or sports car experience spots, scratches or dents while stored in your garage, but receive the best protection by ordering a quality product that fits your vehicle and your garage. Invest in protective products that make your vehicle shine at the next car show or on the street.

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