The First Items You Should Buy When Decorating Your Kitchen

Have you ever heard the phrase that your home is your happy place? What do you suppose people mean by it? Your home reflects you and your personality, which means interior designers Malibu want to get to know you before prettying up your abode. However, it also means that when designing a room, like your kitchen, you cannot afford indecisiveness. You don't want someone else telling you how to feel about the design. To make the selection process easier, approach kitchen design as a five-step process.

The First Items You Should Buy When Decorating Your Kitchen
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1. The Foundation
Most interior designers Santa Monica will explain that you start with the foundation of your kitchen, meaning countertop, backsplash, cabinet, and color selection. These design choices will help you choose additional pieces later on. Color and cabinet style are the primary indicators for the feel and vibe of your kitchen, meaning these two elements anchor the rest of the design, which makes sense since they are the most prominent components in the room.

2. Window Dressing
Any kitchen designer Los Angeles will spend a significant amount of time helping you select the right window treatments for your style. While many homeowners don't waste time or money on window coverings in the kitchen, these items are essential for the practical use of the space throughout the day, primarily creating privacy and shade. For a contemporary design, you may want a sleek shade, but for a country or traditional aesthetic, a valance and curtain may work better.

3. Floor Coverings
Some kitchen designs appear cold or sterile, especially modern designs. An excellent way to avoid crass comparisons to hospital wings is by incorporating sensible rugs. Patterned rugs can warm up the design of a space, but when designing a kitchen, make sure the rugs are washable. Spills and stains are inevitable, mainly when laid out in a family or pet-friendly home.

4. Seating
People have longed described kitchens as the family gathering place, so embrace the reputation. Look for countertop or island seating, encouraging assembly and conversation. If you live in a country home with an eat-in kitchen, you have more opportunities for offering a guest a comfortable chair. Show your family that you want to share your time and a meal by investing in seating that is comfortable and complementary to your kitchen design.

5. Plants
With all the decorative elements selected, it is time to bring life and function into your kitchen. Choose plant life with a purpose. Select herbs. Herbal kitchen gardens are beautiful and help you create delicious meals for yourself and loved ones. The organic shape and essence contribute to the overall Feng Shui of your kitchen, adding balance to your space.

Designing your kitchen is an essential aspect of home design, especially since the kitchen is the heart of the home. While you may not have a design bone in your body, that doesn't mean you need to relinquish all control over the design process. Contact an interior designer to discuss your budget and options, but make sure that your personality shines through in the choices because it is your home.

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