How To Sleep Better After A Breakup?

The breakup of a relationship is an intensely emotional experience. Sleepless nights ruminating over the good times and bad times can have a detrimental impact on your sleep cycle, which in turn can make things different during the day.

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How To Sleep Better After A Breakup?

While time does heal all, there are a few things you can do to make the healing process a little more comfortable. Some breaks ups also include packing up boxes and vacating the premises. In these cases, an opportunity presents itself to create a new space for happiness and to start a new chapter.

Changing up the style of your home and bedroom after a breakup doesn't fix everything, but it can certainly, help create a more calm and relaxing environment for rest and recovery.

These post-breakup tips are designed to help you sleep better while you transition during this difficult time.

Treat yourself to the most comfortable mattress

Buying the best mattress isn't something you do every day. In fact, only every 8 years or so. When was the last time you purchased a brand new mattress? Do you remember the feeling?

After a break up is a great time to upgrade your mattress as it can make you feel calm, cozy, and special. Consider switching mattresses sizes if you like extra room, going up in size is a nice change. Just be sure to research mattress dimensions to ensure the best rated mattress you want will fit nicely in your room.

For the perfect balance of soft and firm, a memory foam mattress is the way to go. The cloud-like feel of memory foam can help to relax your body when you feel stressed out.

You might already be in love with your mattress. For some, moving on from a bed is just as hard as moving past a relationship. In this case, a new bed frame can provide you with extra comfort if you're not ready for a significant change. If you really want to show yourself some self-love, an adjustable bed frame might be the key to sleeping better. They’re fancy frames that come with a wireless remote. The massage functions might be the perfect solution to stressful nights. 

Press play on deep sleep sounds

Before bedtime, try to avoid scrolling through your phone. Taking a walk down memory lane is not the best idea just before bed. Playing relaxing sleep music is a great way to avoid using your phone and create tranquil energy for sleep.

Sleep sounds can reduce heart rate, slow breathing, and can assist with lowering blood pressure. These outcomes help to calm the mind down and relax the body for sleep.

Have a friend sleepover

Sleeping alone just after a breakup can be daunting, especially if you are coming out of a long term relationship. To ease the burden and make the transition easier, ask a friend to sleepover. Many people do not like sleeping alone. The warm and cozy feeling of cuddling has a benefit that goes beyond just feeling good.

The sense of security created by having another person's body heat in bed can have a very positive impact on mental wellbeing. While some might completely welcome the company of a friend, others might want solo time. If you're going to sleep alone after your break up, cuddling is still possible with the help of a body pillow. Body pillows are made for cuddling, and they can help ease body pain as well as keep the body cool for deep and restorative sleep. 

There is no doubt that the process of overcoming a breakup can be difficult, especially during the night. Remember to be kind to yourself, arrange your bedroom to support your sleep, try listening to sleep music, and surround yourself with as much love and care as possible. Better days are coming.

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