How to Take Care of Your Pull Down Kitchen Faucet?

A sink cannot function without a faucet. It will not have any meaning. Hence, selecting a tap is as crucial as a kitchen sink. Whether you are doing a partial or complete makeover of your cooking area, replacing these two appliances must be your priority both for practical and aesthetic reasons. And why not should you give them their due importance when they silently take care of you and your décor too from one corner. From washing to meal preparations, they let you do you whatever you want. You expose them to varying levels of hot and cold temperatures. Yet, they show no resistance and continue to add value to your kitchen experience.

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How to Take Care of Your Pull Down Kitchen Faucet?

Both sinks and faucets come in multiple options. In faucets itself, you get pulldown, pullout, and commercial style types. Commercial style is suitable for hectic kitchens. A pullout tap is more of the traditional design with modern twists. But if you like the dose of elegance with supreme functionality in one, then pulldown can seem perfect. Also known as gooseneck for their tall curvy neck, the pulldown models reflect industrial and rustic charm in the design. Their physical features allow them to match any décor and style. The dramatic height they possess makes them the center of attention, irrespective of where you put them. 

For an experience, you can go through the pull down kitchen faucets by Kraus. These are pulldown designs because you can bring the spout down when you need it. The spray head works like a hand sprayer. With it, you can clean the soapy dishes or food particles hassle-free. The spray head can offer excellent water force to help you wind up faster. But before you invest in this, you can ask yourself if this is easy to maintain too. Although it has a distinctive shape and engineering, it doesn't consume much of your time and effort when it comes to its upkeep. Here are a few tips that you can follow to understand how to keep the tap fresh-looking even many years later.

Taking care of pulldown kitchen faucets
The pulldown faucets can come in stainless steel, brass, and hybrid materials. Although they are all different surfaces, you have to be careful while handling them. To make sure the faucet finish remains intact, you need to keep a few things in mind. For instance,
 Use a gentle cleaner on your faucet. Before applying it everywhere, check the impact of the cleaning agent in a hidden corner of the surface.

• Keep your faucet body dry so that it doesn't develop water spots. For this, you can rinse and wipe the tap with a damp cloth after every use and then wipe the surface with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

• When you buy a cleaner, don’t forget to check where it is safe to use. For instance, if it states made for stainless steel, you can feel safe with this option.

• You should stay away from strong cleaners. Anything abrasive can be harmful to the surface and finish. Elements like alcohol, ammonia, chlorine, and bleach also prove dangerous as they can affect the finish.

• Companies also recommend not to use wire brushes, steel wool, or abrasive pads as these can be harsh on the finish.

The cleaning process of pulldown kitchen faucets
Whether it is stainless steel or some other surface, the kitchen faucet can succumb to scratches, loss of shine, and oil stains. To get the original brightness back, you have to deal with them cautiously. As mentioned above, you should resort to a gentle cleanser. Mix it with water to dilute it a bit more. 

Use a soft cloth, soak it in the solution, and leave it on the surface of the faucet for a few minutes; remove the towel and check if the marks have disappeared. If not, you will have to repeat the process until the original shine returns. If they are gone, you can rinse the tap with clean water and pat dry.

If you believe this solution may not work due to the stubbornness of the spots, then search for chemicals that can be safe on the finish. However, you need to be very sure that the chemical is not harsh and can lead you to a desirable result. When you use this, wear cleaning gloves for the protection of your hands. And as advised earlier too, when in doubt or testing something for the first time, you should apply it on a hidden part of the tap.

It is to bring to your notice that regular washing and cleaning of the faucet, whether it is pulldown or something else, can ensure that stains and spots don't stick to the surface. Weekly maintenance can be more than adequate if it is a regular kitchen. However, you may want to do it frequently if you are a very busy chef. Considering this aspect is necessary so that you don't have to use any chemicals.
As far as the specific part of the kitchen faucet goes, such as aerators, you don't need to worry again. If it is non-detachable, you can fill a pot with the warm soapy solution and dip the sprayer head in it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. It will help dislodge the deposits inside and outside the sprayer. After this, you can use clean water to rinse it. Just be sure that you clean the soap residue from its surface.

Since you now know that maintenance is not an issue with this model, you don’t need to hesitate about your decision. Pulldown faucets go with all types of interior themes without any difficulty. Whether you are planning for a classic, industrial, farmhouse, or contemporary kitchen look, you can incorporate this faucet design effortlessly. 

With stream and sprayer technology, this can meet diverse washing and cleaning needs every day. For more ideas about this model and its efficiencies, you first have to check the product details. Different brands can use different materials with a slight difference in the use of technology.

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