4 Ways to Stay Fit if You Drive a Lot for Work

Some individuals travel a lot for work, such as long-haul truckers and others who work in the cross-country driving profession. If that sounds like you, then you might feel that it’s challenging to stay fit. You’re stuck behind the wheel all the time, and that sedentary lifestyle means you’ll be packing on the pounds if you aren’t careful.

4 Ways to Stay Fit if You Drive a Lot for Work, Stay Fit, Drive A Lot, Health, Fitness
4 Ways to Stay Fit if You Drive a Lot for Work

As of 2018, close to 2 million long-haul truckers were operating in the US. Some of them own their rigs, while others work for companies that supply their vehicles. In either case, that time spent not exercising can wreak havoc on your physical fitness goals.

There are a few potential ways that you can work around that, though, so let’s go over some of them right now.  

It’s difficult to exercise when you are physically in a truck or car. However, there are lots of rest stops along every interstate. If you have a spare half hour here or there that you otherwise would have spent in a roadside diner drinking coffee, instead, you can engage in some yoga stretching. Yoga is extremely good for:

• Flexibility
 Core Strength
 A General Sense of Wellbeing

These matter to drivers. For that job, you have to stay rigidly in a seat for many hours at a time.

You can learn to bring a yoga mat with you in your car or truck and stretch it out on a convenient patch of grass if the weather is nice. You can commune with nature as you do exercises to stretch out your back, legs, and neck, all of which can easily grow tense in your profession.

Even if you don’t know very much about yoga yet, you can take some introductory classes whenever you have some days off. Soon, you’ll learn some of the basic moves. You’ll be amazed by how it limbers your body up and keeps you from becoming stiff.

Get a Gym Membership
Another possibility that is worth considering is to get a gym membership. You might be thinking that getting one is prohibitive if you’re away from home and on the road a lot.

The answer is to get a membership to a gym that has lots of locations around the country. Some of them, like LA Fitness or 24-Hour Fitness, have dozens if not hundreds of facilities for you to stop in whenever you have a spare moment.

You can’t do any gym-style exercises when you’re in your truck or car, but if you have to stay the night after dropping off or picking up a load, then you can find the location nearest to you. Being consistent with your workouts even when you’re working long hours can help you keep your weight down and your stamina up.

Bring Healthy Snacks with You
One of the primary reasons that drivers struggle staying fit is because they eat a lot of the junk food that they find at places like rest stops. Burgers and potato chips aren’t going to do much for you in the long-term, and you might find yourself gaining weight the longer you have the job.

Bringing your own healthy snacks with you on the road can be a lifesaver in this respect. Things like dried fruit provide plenty of fiber and vitamins, while raw, unsalted nuts are a great source of protein. The healthier the snacks that you bring along with you, the less you will be tempted by convenient but unhealthy options.

Cut Back on Caffeine
This last one might be tough for you, but it’s critical. You’ll be healthier overall if you can reduce or even eliminate caffeine from your diet.

Caffeine is a stimulant, so it wakes you up, but it’s also addictive. The more of it you consume, the larger the doses you need to get the desired effect.

If you cut back on caffeinated sodas, tea, or coffee, then you’ll have less insomnia. If you sleep better, then you won’t need as much caffeine.

If you have been a coffee junkie for years, then this might be challenging for you. However, it will make a real difference if you can slowly coax yourself off it. Try water, sports drinks, or noncaffeinated coffee or tea instead.

It’s not always easy staying fit while on the road. You have to make a concerted effort to prioritize healthy eating, sleep habits, and exercise.

It is within your power to do it, though. Start by making incremental changes, and gradually, you’ll get to where you want to be. 

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