What Companies Should Know About Using iPad For Business

Undoubtedly, iPads are the most adopted computing platforms in history. The statistics show that sales generated from iPad sales in the fourth quarter of 2019 are approximately $4.66 million in revenue. This is an indication people are adopting more to these smart devices.

What Companies Should Know About Using iPad For Business, iPad For Business, ipads business, tech
What Companies Should Know About Using iPad For Business

These tablets have changed the usability and browsing paradigm, and they have rapidly found their way into the enterprise industry. The end-users are also bringing then to work with the intent of boosting productivity and efficacy.

iPads provide an incredible amount of profits to a business. Hence, their exponential growth and support in the business world make sense. The device is flexible, lightweight, and delivers unique, distinct apps that might not exist on laptops and desktops. These gadgets make positive changes in the workplace. They make offices faster, smarter, and cleaner.

However, you need to evaluate some factors before providing workers with iPads. Below are some factors to pay attention to.

5 Factors To Consider When Providing Staff With iPads

When you provide people with tools they love and allow them to work the way they want, you inspire them to do the best at work. With the Apple technology in your company, you can expect more productivity, collaboration, and creativity.

1. Consider Various Types Of iPads

Securing the right iPad for your business might be unnerving. Thanks to the growing number of devices on the market. Since all these gadgets generally look the same, it's essential to know what you're choosing and why you should procure it.

The Apple iPad(10.2-inch) debuted in 2018, and it's quite affordable. It has no trouble running most apps, and it's compatible with a variety of devices. However, iPad Air(10.5-inch) is better and faster. The more screen space gives employees extended space to work on. The home button and fingerprint sensor enhance security.

iPad pro ranges between 11-12.9 inches. Although it’s considered the best for business enterprises, it doesn’t come cheap. And just like most modern iPhones, it uses the crystal-clear front camera for face ID.

The iPad mini is best for travel. The speed A12 Bionic processor delivers excellent performance. 64 gigabytes of base storage is quite decent for storing files and documents.

Depending on the nature of your business operations, you'll be able to pick the right gadget. For travel, consider lightweight packages with longer battery life, and excellent connectivity.

2. Customize The iPad Cases

Since you’ve been able to pick the right device, it’s time you engrave your company logo on the cases. A company logo is an easy and effective way of enhancing your brand. First, you must identify where these devices will be used. For instance, if sales representatives will use them, then you might need to add some info and make them appealing.

Another factor is to outline how the tablets will be used. You might decide to have a cover that sleeps when the gadget is not in use to save power. When customizing the iPad case, it can be a good idea to add a more appealing design. You can add the company's logo. It will boost your brand.

Most importantly, it is to choose a reliable company for the supplier of customized iPad cases. Do in-depth research about the supplier's prices, reputation, and services.

3. Accessorizing Is Crucial

When the iPad is paired with a stylus or keyboard, it goes from a mere tablet to a powerful business tool. iPads are affordable, easy to use, and portable. And when they are combined with potent accessories, they become as powerful as a modern laptop without being bulky. There are plenty of iPad keyboards, which come in a variety of styles, designs, and prices.

Stylus such as Apple Pencil is designed with added usability like new gestures and touchpoint technology. You can use it to scribble reminders, jot down notes on PDFs, and draw graphs and charts. The first generation of Apple Pencil is suitable for small businesses.

Get a case for the iPads. Cases are engineered to protect the back and front of your device, making it safe for the traveling business tasks. Choose an elegant case that will complement your style and brand. Get the accessory for a reliable brand or have it customized.

4. Never Forget To Backup

iPads are no longer just portable devices with random videos and contact lists; they have become instrumental in the business world. Therefore, they need backup too.  Typically, a business iPad will contain whiteboards from crucial meetings. You can use it to record presentations in video or audio, scan documents, and write notes. More so, you can use a tablet to create mission-critical business files.

In case you misplace the iPad, or it dies abruptly, you need to be guaranteed the company data is safe.

You can use cloud-based storage. When working company files, save them to Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. At this point, you know if your gadget is lost or rendered inoperative, you will still access data.

Whichever backing up method you choose, don't delay. iPads are prone to theft and easier to misplace than laptops. Not having backed up iPads can be disastrous to your company.

5. Ensure The iPads Are “Appy”

The swelling demand for mobile software solutions has made it easy to have essential business tools on iPads. There are approximately 1.35 million apps suitable for business devices. Here are a few apps to choose from:

Slack – This is an excellent business tool to keep your team connected. With this platform, you can create different channels, chat with your team, host voice, and video conference calls.

Microsoft Office Apps – You can now outfit the business iPads with work tools like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. This enables you to showcase presentations without lugging your laptop. More so, you can download OneNote and Microsoft Outlook on the iPad for cohesive and effective integration.

OneDrive – This is a mobile-compatible cloud storage system. It’s essential since a few videos and spreadsheets can vastly occupy your RAM pretty fast.

The advances in technology have changed the business environment. As a result, the use of iPads in business has exponentially increased. The use of iPad places you at a competitive edge in today's market. As you plan to provide staff with iPads, ensure you consider the above pointers for enhanced productivity and improved integration.

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