How to Remove Eyelash Glue Off The Skin

False eyelashes bring out a glamorous look, but removing them is a whole other different story. Although taking off the lashes is not as complicated as learning how to put them, it is essential that you remove the adhesive glue, which made of chemicals, some being poisonous, completely. If left unattended, the chemicals can cause eye-related problems such as pink eye or eye infection. So before you use any brand of eyelashes, whether it was a lash lift treatment using Nicky Lashes or any other, make sure it is perfect and reliable. With the best eyelash extensions glue, you are less likely to suffer from any infections. Check this website for more information.

How to Remove Eyelash Glue Off The Skin
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You are wondering how to remove the eyelash glue? Whether you prefer to use oil, makeup remover, or some steam, learn how first to handle the different types of strip lashes. For instance, natural fibers require more gentle care considering they can’t be submerged or soaked when cleaning because of this ruins or damages the fibers in your lashes. 

Here are a few tips to consider when removing eyelash glue using almond, coconut, extra virgin, or baby oil.

1. Get Rid of All Makeup

Ensure that you remove all makeup from your face using a makeup remover, wipes, or gentle cleanser.

2. Remove the Eyelashes

There are several ways of removing eyelashes. After your makeup is gone, dumb a cotton pad with oil-free makeup remover. The reason for using the oil remover is that there is no need for reusing the eyelashes, but if you need to reuse them, go for an oil-free one.

Then, take the cotton pad and wipe at the base of your lashes. Since the makeup remover would have absorbed the oil, gently separate the lashes from your eyelid.

3. Remove the Glue From Your Eyelids

After you have removed the lashes, then now get to work and remove all traces of glue on your eyelids. Make sure to run a cotton pad soaked in an oil solution of your choice along your eyelids. You do so by using product solutions like makeup remover, which range from solvent-based, cream-based, gel-based, or oil-based. Depending on your skin, use one that suits you perfectly. If you have very sensitive skin, you can use natural oils such as coconut or olive oil.

4. Rinse False Eyelashes

Place the eyelashes on a paper towel or a cotton pad and wipe the lashes from tips to the band. Make sure to soak the cotton pad in a solution of your choice, depending on whether you will use it again.

5. Rinse Your Face

Upon finishing the glue removal from your eyelids, rinse the area around your eyes with lukewarm water to make sure that your natural lashes are clean. Also, you can use the regular cleanser to remove any excess oil since it clogs the pores and can easily cause breakouts.

6. Dry the Lashes

Place the clean lashes on a paper towel for them to air dry, but do not pat, wring, or squeeze the lashes because this can damage them, reducing their lifetime.

Things to Keep When Removing Eyelashes Using Oil

Never remove your false eyelashes by simply pulling them off because you might damage your natural eyelashes. Also, eyelash extensions can affect your natural lash line. Therefore, ensure that you remove the extension before they fall or shed on their own.

Avoid purchasing low cost eyelash glue because it contains formaldehyde, which is highly caustic when in contact with the eyes (have in mind that this product is no longer available on the market).

Ensure that you keep your natural eyelashes healthy for them to be strong. And maintain the hygiene of the fake eyelashes too. Don’t neglect cleaning your lashes because you will have a hard time reapplying them the next time.

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