Exercising at Home: How to Stay Fit During Quarantine

Quarantine is not an excuse from exercising. In fact, people need to exercise now more than ever, especially people’s health all over the world is spiraling out of control due to the pandemic. You need to be in your best health and not end up in an emergency room because you have been neglecting your health. Exercise boosts the immune system as well as enhances physical fitness.

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Exercising at Home: How to Stay Fit During Quarantine

However, getting up and sweating it out can be challenging, especially if you are glued to a riveting Netflix series or sitting on the couch reading a heart-stopping novel. Listen to the experts and do some exercises at home and make your contribution in helping stop the pandemic by being healthy and fit.

Follow an online exercise class
It is a good thing that the pandemic happened in an age of sophisticated technology and communications. You can get tons of information on different exercises you can do at home with online videos that are either paid or free. Fitness trainers on YouTube are sharing their knowledge with the general audience.

Videos are great because they show you step by step on how to execute exercises and movements. However, since there is no fitness trainer actually guiding you in person, you have to be aware of your own limitations, especially if you have a health problem.

Walk whenever you can, alone or with your dog
Walking is a movement that comes naturally. Anybody can walk and it is an exercise that can be done anywhere. If you are indoors, walk whenever you can, or even walk on the spot just to get your heart pumping. If you have a call, stand up and walk around as you speak as opposed to sitting down. You can still go outside even if there is a quarantine provided that you wear a mask, choose empty areas, or maintain a safe distance from others.

If the day is particularly bright and sunny, you can even double the fun of walking outside by bringing your dog. Your dog must be anxious to walk outside as much as you are, and walking is a great opportunity to have you and your furry friend have some exercise. Walking your dog is highly satisfying and helps you bond with your pet.

Standing Up
Being quarantined at home will drag you to a sedentary lifestyle, whether you like it or not. Watching TV and doing work on a computer minimizes your physical activity. You have to make a conscious choice of doing exercise, so you have to take breaks every thirty minutes and do some physically challenging work. It is better if you even use a timer to make sure you keep track of thirty-minute intervals.

After thirty minutes of sedentary activity, stand up and do some stretching. If you are watching TV, you can wait for the commercial as a trigger to stand up. If you have to engage in a sedentary activity or leisure, choose cognitively stimulating activities such as reading, board games, and puzzles. You may be sitting, but hey, at least your brain is getting a workout.

Quarantine is an opportunity to engage in activities that you haven’t previously tried. If you have never tried jogging, now is the tie time to introduce this activity into your lifestyle provided that you follow social distancing measures outside.

Jogging can be a light or intense exercise. It all depends on the speed and distance you put on it, making it a versatile workout. Jogging is rewarding because you can immediately see the effects on your body since it builds your endurance and helps in weight loss.

Yoga is an exercise that you can do entirely in your home. There are online yoga classes that are both free and paid. If you haven’t tried Yoga yet, now is the time to look up at the tons of introductory yoga classes on YouTube and see if you like it.

There are many types of yoga and your journey will eventually help you in discovering the type of yoga you prefer and find fulfillment in. Ying Yoga, for example, is a type of yoga that is slower and focuses on maintaining stretches. Other types of yoga, on the other hand, focus on intensity.

Weight Lifting
You don’t have to have an entire home gym to be able to build muscles and a lean body. If you have a handful of dumbbells and kettlebells, you are good to go. Quarantine time is the best time to build those muscles and increase endurance and strength. There are plenty of online resources that can get you started on building a beautiful body at home, and one of them is Healthy Land.

Rowing Machine 
Rowing is a great way to get fit, lose weight, and strengthen all of your major muscles using one effective exercise machine. It´s a great form of exercise that´s safe and easy on your joints. Rowing is also great even if you're a fitness newbie. Read about how fast your fitness level improves as you row your way to fun fitness. And if you´re really getting into it, this workout could develop into a competitive sport. "

Most rowing machines are suitable for home use and much more convenient than other cardio machines as they take up less space with many coming with the option to fold in half for easy storage. If you’re interested in buying a rowing machine startrowing.com has a great guide to the best ones on the market.   

Stay active and healthy in your home quarantine because health is your best defense against depression and diseases. Follow expert’s advice and try not to succumb to a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Do an exercise you have never done before and get excited and more committed to your workouts.

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