5 Tips to Losing Weight Fast

Weight loss comes with many health benefits. Ranging from increased fitness levels to a healthier cardiovascular system with reduced risk of life-threatening diseases, to gaining a perfect body shape, there’s so much to gain from losing weight. Despite your reason for weight loss, there are many ways to burn excess fats and calories from your body.

Here are five tips to help you lose weight fast and safely, without losing water, bones or even muscle:

Top 5 Safe Tips for Faster Weight Loss

1. Drink a Lot of Water Mainly

Drink a lot of water every single day. Although energy or sports drinks, light beer, fruit smoothie or fresh juice can be tempting, a serving contains about 100 calories. Even so, 100-calorie food is more satisfying than what you’d get from such drinks. Furthermore, other types of drinks are rich in carbohydrates and sodium that cause your body to retain more water.

Water has zero calories, no carbohydrates and little sodium, making it a perfect drink for weight loss. It kick starts your metabolism for even more calorie-burning and eliminates toxins and excess water weight from your body. Add lemon and/or mint leaves in your water to give it some flavor. Drink at least 8 liters of water daily to speed-up your weight loss.

If you are also planning to lose or maintain your weight, either of them should be helpful, but you may need to carry out a research on Noom vs Weight Watchers to be able to select the one that is more suitable for you.

2. Eliminate Refined Carbohydrates from Your Diet

Spaghetti, white rice and sandwich rolls are some sources of refined carbohydrates. Such carbs are digested fast by your body, leaving you feeling hungry and prone to consuming more foods rich in simple carbohydrates. On the other hand, whole-grain bread products cause bloating as they’re rich in fiber.

Replace processed carbs with healthy vegetables. For instance, cauliflower rice is healthier than white rice because it’s purely veggie. Vegetables contain complex carbohydrates that take time to digest, making you feel full for longer. Furthermore, veggies have a high water content that can also help flush toxins and excess water weight from your system.

3. Lose Weight Faster with Maxfit Garcinia

Supplement your diet and other weight loss efforts with this all-natural slimming solution. It’s safe and fosters fast weight loss. Moreover, it can help you maintain the healthy weight you’ll attain, your entire life.

4. Do Cardio Exercises for 30 Minutes Daily

Cardio exercises are good for the heart. They get your heart to pump faster, hence burn more calories. Add cardio kickboxing, spinning and boot-camp workouts in your cardio routine.

Workout for at least 30 minutes daily and make sure you engage all your muscles for strength training. You’ll manage to lose 200 to 300 calories daily, atop toning your core, legs and arms.

5. Take Charge During Sex

Each time you make love to your spouse, make sure you’re the one on top. Keep active and engage your muscles the entire time to lose up to 144 calories in 30 minutes. This means the longer your sex session lasts the better.

If possible, have sex with your better half each night or several times in a day to speed-up your weight loss. Moreover, the endorphins released in your blood during sex can help minimize cravings for unhealthy carbs.

Whichever way you decide to lose weight, make sure they become part of your healthy lifestyle for you to maintain your lost body weight long-term. Have a good weekend ahead.

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  1. Think a lot of people would like the last method....haha :) Few info to reiterate in brief: always good to exercise more than half an hour each time as you only burn fat after the half an hour mark, if you want to go into technical, exercise to reach at least 80% of your maximum heart rate. Lastly, learn to enjoy the process in order to last long. That's why motivation on why you are doing it is important. Cheers :)


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