7 Ways To Stay Safe When Travelling

Traveling can be exhilarating but it can also be a potential for dangerous threats. Being alert and aware of your surroundings is key when it comes to staying safe. Here are a few safety travel tips to keep in mind when you travel.

7 Ways To Stay Safe When Travelling

Only Carry What You Need

There’s no need to bring your passport, large amounts of cash, and five credit cards along when going to a local restaurant or out for a walk. If you’re staying at a hotel you may want to consider bringing a portable safe along. Most hostels also have lockers to store your belongings. Leaving valuables at your accommodations decreases the risk that they’ll be stolen. Besides that, if you're planning your summer vacations soon then we must limit your options and would definitely recommend you to go for Phuket this year as Phuket is a relatively safe travel destination and one of the most visited places in summers.

Blend In With The Locals

Looking like an obvious tourist makes you more appealing to pick pockets and potential attackers. Modify your clothing in order to blend in with the locals. For example, if you’re visiting a Muslim country this means wearing modest clothing. If you’re visiting Europe you’ll want to avoid wearing a t-shirt and shorts as this may scream “American Tourist”.

Research The Area Beforehand

It’s easier than ever to conduct research on the city you’re planning to visit thanks to the internet. Find out where the safest areas are and which ones to avoid. Locate the nearest local hospital or emergency center in case of an emergency. Read guest reviews on nearby hotels and hostels and find out what previous visitors had to say about safety concerns. Find out if public transportation is safe at night.

You can also research the area beforehand by checking in with the State Department online. Their website provides pertinent information including the vaccinations you’ll need and the laws and customs of the region including current travel alerts and crime statistics.

Keep A Secret Cash Of Staff

Sock away cash and a credit card in a secret hiding place such as in a sock or old pill bottle. This will give you some cash reserves in case you get robbed and need cash in a pinch.

Carry Pepper Spray

Pepper spray can be helpful when you need to protect yourself in an instant. Learn how to use it beforehand and practice so that you’ll be able to unlock it under pressure. Pepperface is one of the best pepper sprays for women because of its design which prevents the user from accidentally spraying themselves.

Check-In Regularly

Choose a person back home to check-in with on a regular basis. This can be a friend or a family member and you can decide to communicate via text, email or phone. This will allow your contact person to take action immediately in case they don’t hear from you. There’s nothing more dangerous than having an incident happen without anyone knowing that something is amiss.

Keep Your Most Valuable Belongings On You

When travelling via air plane or bus from one destination to another, you’ll want to keep your most precious belongings such as expensive DSLR’s, passport, jewelry and cash on you at all times. Have a separate bag designated for these items that you can keep with you at all times. Don’t put these items in baggage check as you may lose them. Always bring this bag with you when you go to the rest room or leave your seat.

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