Stylish Tips To Wear Leggings

I think leggings are one of the most comfortable items you can find in your wardrobe. Almost every girl has them as a wardrobe staple. By the way, I also have! But at the same time, there is not a more controversial piece of clothing than leggings because nobody can really say for sure how leggings should be worn and what leggings are worn with. These are the main reasons why so many ladies are shy to wear such a great item of clothing as leggings and, unfortunately, get them away in the wardrobe.

Well, I love leggings and I want to give you my best advice: wear leggings however you want. It means that if you want to show off your butt in leggings and feel comfortable, show it off. But if you`re more comfortable with your butt covered up, cover it up. Everything depends on you and your desire! Here I just want to help you choose the right leggings and pair them with stylish options. So follow these stylish tips and look gorgeous.

Stylish Tips to Wear Leggings

Let's start with a few fashion secrets…

1. Wear just proper-fitting leggings and add some accessories to elevate your outfit.
2. Give priority to dark-colored leggings.
3. Wear the right underwear with leggings.
4. Wear leggings with the right shoes.
5. Be sure that your leggings are the appropriate length.
6. Never wear legging as pants, they shouldn't be worn to substitute pants.
7. Choose leggings in a matte fabric over something shiny.
8. Contrast your leggings with the right tops to balance out the look.
9. Coordinate the color of your top with your leggings.
10. Play up layering when dressing leggings to add more dimension to your look and make it more interesting. 

And, above all, make sure that you`re comfortable in the leggings. Confidence is the main thing. Just for you, I've gathered 10 cool looks that are fresh and chic and show what to wear with leggings.

If you choose one of your fave shirts to wear with leggings, you can't go wrong! A shirt and leggings are a cute casual combination, especially when this shirt is long enough to cover your rear. You feel really super cozy!

Besides, this is a nice field for experimentations. You can dress the shirt buttoned up or unbuttoned at all, you can throw on accessories and even pair riding boots with leggings to elevate the look.

You can also try to pair your dresses with leggings.

A pretty shirtdress, as well as a sweater dress, will be the best option. Thus, you`ll get a comfy leggings outfit.

You may even make your summer dress work for winter or spring by wearing it with leggings, scarf, jacket and boots.

Don't focus on just black or dark colored leggings. They are really great, but pay attention to these outfits with gray leggings. Tight leggings paired with oversized tunic or sweater create a perfect balance.

By the way, gray leggings make the look more diverse and elevate the leggings from gym gear to an all-around-awesome wardrobe staple.

Patterned leggings like these are so fun and pretty, but can be hard to wear. Try to pair them with basic tunics or shirts like black, white or another solid color. Shoes should be also matched with the top.

You know that poncho looks very bulky. That's why you avoid wearing it. But if you pair it with leggings instead of jeans, you can balance things out.

A long T-shirt and long, loose cardigan pairing with leggings look wonderful. This outfit is super chic and comfortable. Moreover, it still looks so trendy and well-combined.

These are the tips on how to wear leggings. I hope I`ve given you plenty of inspiration on what to wear with leggings and you can find the best options for you. Did you find my tips helpful? Do you have any tips to share? Comment below with your thoughts.

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  1. Legging looks good with other shoes as well. Not just boots. I dont think we Malaysian wears boots all the time.


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