What Dash Cam Should I Get?

A good dash cam is an accessory you need in your car these days. There are many cases that happen on the road and you are not able to produce evidence to prove that your claims are indeed founded, and in most cases, especially where an accident is involved, you will lose your case if you are not able to prove that the other person was the one on the wrong. With a dash cam, all these things will be sorted and you can easily get justice by proving your side of the story with a real footage.

There are many dash cams in the market and choosing the most suitable might come as a daunting task if you don’t understand how they work. Here are few guidelines that could help you choose a dash cam that will serve you well.

Video resolution

When buying a dash cam, one thing you should give focus on is the resolution. At minimum, you should choose a dash cam with 720p recording resolution, which offers a sharp resolution that can make out car models, number plates, and faces. You could also choose a 1080p or 2K resolution, but for these you will have a tradeoff as the files might be larger.

Storage capacity

Video content is stored as you cruise because recording is continuous unless you disable the camera. This means space available fills up as you move and when the storage capacity is low, you are likely to miss some important moments. Therefore, consider buying a dash cam that has enough space, at least 64GB. Higher resolution cameras will of course fill faster, so you need to also look for a camera with more space.

Automatic On / Off

There are dash cameras that are able to turn off or on depending on whether the car is running. When you turn the engine on, the camera comes on. This takes way the stress of having to remember to switch the camera on all the time and it assures you that you will always capture all moments because even forgetting to switch it on has no impact. For such cameras, check out Vdashcam.com for reviews so you can learn how they work and where to get them.

Night Vision

This is also very important to have in a dash cam. You are not certain when an accident is going to happen. It might happen at places where there are no city lights, and if the camera is not equipped with night vision capability it could be difficult to record what happened.

Impact Sensor

There are also dash cameras that come with impact sensors, meaning they are able to detect impact and save footage from a few minutes before it happens. Others turn on if impact is detected, so even when you have forgotten to switch the camera on you could at last get a footage of the accident saved for reference. 

Choosing the right dash camera is something that could help you avoid a lot of the frustrations that come when burden of proof is placed on you. It helps you to showcase things as they happened and you can argue your case better because you have the proof of what happened.

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