What Are You Actually Saying When Giving Flowers this Valentine’s Day?

Roses are red, Violets are blue. But what do they actually mean? It’s that time of the year again. Spring looms near and love songs fill the malls. Sales for chocolates, gifts and flowers are everywhere. You see infatuated teenagers lingering around gift shops, smiling unabashedly at the thought of confessing to their crush with that huge teddy bear on the shelf. You see men fret over which ring to buy, or which bouquet would best express their love. Yes, you guessed it – Valentine’s day is coming soon and I’m sure many are fretting over what to get for their loved ones.

What Are You Actually Saying When Giving  Flowers this Valentine’s Day?

No matter what gift you choose, you can’t escape the flowers. What is more special than receiving a fresh bouquet of beauty and life itself? Flowers are not just visually appealing, they are arranged with utmost care and thought, and its fragrance and freshness is enough to brighten anyone’s day. But do you know what they actually mean?

A picture speaks a thousand words but so do flowers. They convey a meaning that one might not be able to express through words.

Dainty tulip

Nothing screams perfect love like a dainty tulip. The elegance of the flower is perfect for declaring your love, and its colourful blooms are so pleasing to admire. Tulips might be a common flower, but the greatest beauty is found in the most common of things. Present a bouquet of tulip to present.

The sunflower 

The sunflower lives up to its name - it radiates warmth and brightness like the sun. It is a token of adoration and loyalty, and it brings energy and happiness to people like the sun does.

Baby’s breath

The Baby’s breath reminds one of a baby’s first breath - innocent and pure. The delicateness of these little white flowers represents everlasting love, even for platonic and familial relationships. This is the perfect flower to gift a loved one so innocent and special, declaring your dedication to them.


What is more elegant and refined than an orchid? These exotic flowers are a charming touch to a bouquet or simply used as potted plants (potted plants last longer!). Orchids have also been associated with fertility and sexuality, and its oddly beautiful shape is sure to surprise your loved one with this unconventional flower.

When all else fails - go for The Enchanted Rose. The greatest metaphor for love and passion - one can never go wrong with beautiful red roses for professing love. It delicate petals exude sensuality and its charm is alluring and timeless. Give a pink rose to a friend to show appreciation, or as a romantic gesture to someone you care for.

The Enchanted Rose (Picture taken from Floral Garage Singapore)

Flowers are always a good idea. You don’t need an excuse, or an occasion to give flowers. What is important, though, is to choose the right florist that understands your needs and what you want for your recipient: be it a friend, a lover or a family member.

If you need flowers for your Singaporean friends, I recommend Floral Garage Singapore. They are a reputable and established online flower delivery shop in Singapore. They are having a sale with 5% or 10% off some Valentine’s Day flowers. So hurry and get them before the prices go up! 

Still don’t know what to get for your loved ones? Choose the Freestyle Bouquet and let the florists decide for you! They will arrange the bouquet that can best express what you want to say this Valentine’s Day 2018.

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