Your Ultimate Guide to Travel Essential Checklists

All set for a lovely vacation this weekend? A delightful travel experience can only be memorable when you have planned it right. Having everything at its place, makes your entire journey much smoother. To not fall out of anything short, here are some of the best travel essentials list as a guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Travel Essential Checklists

1. Gadgets and Electronics

Of course, one cannot ever imagine going out anywhere without their smartphone. But, besides your smartphone, you would also require the following tools and accessories wherever you go:

• Universal Adaptor Plug – You are bound to witness non- standardized electronic plugs to the places you are likely to visit. As a result, you may perhaps be unable to get your phone charged at all! An all-in-one Universal Adaptor Plug can come to rescue and get your phone and other gadgets charged to anywhere you go.

• OTG Cable – for instant transfers of those epic snaps.

• Professional or a Point Shoot Camera – A must for those visiting to a picturesque destination.

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2. Instant Relaxation Essentials

Your Ultimate Guide to Travel Essential Checklists

Many people get their ears jammed at high altitudes, or, perhaps after a long tour they need some time to rejuvenate themselves with soft music and eye relaxation for gearing up for the next day itinerary. 

Therefore, some of the relaxation essentials during your travel should be – ear plugs, headphones, eye masks and wet wipes. You can also load in your tablet or ipad with eBooks and games or perhaps carry a novel and a magazine to keep yourself engaged during the travel.

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3. An All-in-One Kitty

Your Ultimate Guide to Travel Essential Checklists

If you are a frequent traveller, then we recommend you to make an all-in-one kitty that would help you survive at any corner of the world:

• Sewing kit – a needle, safety pins, a thread and few buttons and hooks.

• First Aid kit – containing bandage, antiseptic lotion/cream and OTC medications like pain reliever, analgesics, pain reliever, Diarrhoea medications  and others.

• Beauty Essentials – Emery board, nail clipper, nail cutter, eyeglasses and sunglasses, scarves, handkerchief, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap paper or dispenser, face wash, face toner and more. 

• Others- travel map, compass and stationary items like a pen, clippers, binders and a notepad.

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