5 Things You Should Know About Rolex Watches

Almost every electronic device now shows time, which explains the overall decline of the watch industry. However, there are certain watches that have not only held their market value, but have also grown in value over the years. One such watch is the Rolex. The Rolex is one of those timepieces that scream class. That’s why people don’t wear Rolexes just to tell time; they also use it as a status symbol. But Rolex’s value is not arbitrary; it has some strong fundamentals behind it that most people don’t know. To give you a glimpse of Rolex’s value, here are 5 things that everyone should know about a Rolex watch.

1. Rolex was the first ever waterproof timepiece
A watch being waterproof is pretty much industry standard nowadays. But did you know that Rolex achieved this feat was before any other watch company could get their heads around this technology? 

The first ever waterproof watch, the Rolex Oyster, was released in 1926 was not only waterproof but also rust proof. Rolex has been on top of its game since way back, and it has been quite consistent over the years.
2. A Rolex received the 1st ever Kew certificate for a wrist watch
Before GPS became the standard mode of navigation, ships relied on chronometers for navigation and timekeeping. It is this on the basis of this need for accuracy that the Kew certification was introduced, as a measure for testing watch accuracy. 

In 1914, Rolex was the first ever wrist watch to pass this test and receive certification. This is a company that has always taken the watch making business seriously, and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

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3. Rolex has always been attached with celebrity
You have probably seen world renowned celebrities such as David Beckham showcasing their Rolex timepieces. This is not just another 21st century advertising fad. Rolex started it way back in the 60s. 

For instance, Rolex was the only watch that featured in the first series of the James Bond movies, and still does. In fact you can argue that Rolex was among the first companies to tap into the power of celebrity as an advertising tool.

4. Rolex pioneered the perpetual rotor technology
Rolex is clearly a company of firsts. Before the invention of the Rolex Oyster perpetual in 1931, watches had to be winded manually. This watch was the first to have automatic winding technology, making it more accurate, and hence more reliable to use. 

5. Rolex was the first watch to have changing date feature
When you see the date shift automatically on your watch from one day to the next, it looks pretty standard, right? Well, this technology was not available until the 1940s, 1945 to be precise when Rolex introduced it on its platform.  The watch was designed to change the date on every mid-night making Rolex the go-to watch for business people who need accuracy in time and date, to effectively plan their time. 

Clearly, Rolex has always led the pack in the watch business. That’s why how much a Rolex costs should never be your first consideration when buying this watch. This is a company that never leaves any expense spared when it comes to watch making, and it costs money.

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