JD & MOGUJIE is Now at ezbuy.my More Reasons to Shop!

Yuhuu! My shopping mode is on especially when festive season and holiday is coming. When do you normally do your online shopping? For me, usually is at night when there are less distractions. And today I got some good news to share with all the online shopping kakis and you all. Now we have more reasons to shop at ezbuy.my because two giant e-commerce sites JD.com and mogujie.com have their items sold at ezbuy. Remember to get your RM15 voucher when you register here and stand a chance to win RM500 cash voucher too. Let’s check out what are their special deals.

JD & MOGUJIE is Now at ezbuy.my More Reasons to Shop! 

Wahhh… I was amazed when I browsed JD site at ezbuy.my. They’ve got more than 400,000 products in their store. Well if you are new to JD.com, JD stand for Jing Dong (), another leading e-commerce site in China founded by Richard Qiangdong Liu has built logistics operations that can manage the sales process from start to finish.

JD is now on ezbuy.my

At JD.com you can find almost all the products that you need and desired for at a good deal ranging from mobile accessories, digital accessories, household, kitchen, beauty, fashion, pets, home & living, travel essentials, sports, outdoor and many more. 

Spotted a few earphones and accessories that are really cool at a real bargain at JD

Varieties of phone cases at a real bargain at JD

JD's best seller
If you are looking for mobile accessories like earphones, phone bags, cases and cables then you got to check out JD.com. I spotted a few earphones and accessories that are really cool at a real bargain. Their prices are so irresistible, makes me want to grab all of them. I straight away hit the best-seller site and wow… look at all these!

Mogujie is now on ezbuy.my

What about mogujie.com? Well mogujie is Mushroom Street that also has quite a good varieties of products on their site. You can find many trendy and fashion clothes at a great price on their site. If you are out of ideas what to wear then I suggest you hit their Get The Latest Fashion from MOGUJIE. Over that site you get all the trendy and up and coming fashion on a budget.

Spotted this tutu skirt at MOGUJIE at only RM15.32 can you believe it?

I like this irregular skirt at MOGUJIE too, such a great bargain. 

The benefits of shopping at JD.com is that you get a variety of choices of products at a real good price. You must check their best-seller and also under RM30 sites, I am sure you go gaga when you see the products at that kind of great prices. Plus JD has also worked with several international brands to launch flagship stores, including Spectrum Brands, Rimowa (LVMH), B&O Play, and DYSON.

OMG!!! this is what I need to organize my stuff when I travel and its only RM20.27 for the whole set of 6 pieces.

Where else the benefits of shopping at MOGUJIE are you get an overview of the fashion trends and also shop all the clothes that you like and wish for without hurting your purse. Get ready to transform yourself to be a fashionista this year. If not now, when???

Selected Taobao sellers products are now available directly at ezbuy.my

Plus there are also selected Taobao sellers products are now available directly at ezbuy.my I have shopped at ezbuy.my before and so far I received my orders accordingly and within the time frame.

More reasons to shop!!!
JD & MOGUJIE is Now at ezbuy.my 


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It’s time to explore and shop at JD and Mogujie at ezbuy.my! For more information and updates about ezbuy, please visit
Website: www.ezbuy.my


  1. Good that Mogujie is at ezbuy now. Easier for me to shop.

  2. Its time for shopping ! Weee !

    Yay ! 😱😱😱 looks like high quality product and much easier to access through ezbuyyy

  3. kalau tengok kat ezbuy mmg gila..haha sebab banyak barang yang kita nak memang cantik-cantik. Harga kat ezbuy pun murah

  4. I rarely buy from ezbuy. I think it's about 3 times. But it's quite good platform actually to shop at cheaper price. Will have a look again from this seller in case there's something that i want.

  5. Waaa so many products i can buy through ezbuy. Got discount as well. Its time to spend my moneyyyyyy

  6. Ezbuy memang murah dan mudah nak shopping. Bagus dah ada produk tu. Cuma I masih takut nak beli pakaian dan kasut dari China. Kebanyakannya tidak muat, material nipis dan kasut ketat. Tunggu I slim I beli semua dr sana. Hahaha

  7. I love ezbuy. I like shopping clothing but now plus size very difficult to get anything online. Great that this brand made it to this huge marketplace.

  8. Why? Oh why do you have to mention about JD? Now I want to shop for sporty earphones now. Haha. EZbuy is easy!

  9. Kalau buka website Ezbuy memang terasa nak shopping macam-macam.. tak pernah la puas shopping .. haha.. mogujie.com dengan JD.com tu TB baru tengok tadi.. terus click bahagian Toys.. opppsss.. hahaha

  10. Fall in love with ezbuy..anything that i want always there..mogujie looks interesting..hahaha..bankrup lor after this

  11. Tak pernah beli guna Ezbuy, boleh try ni. Kena buat comparison harga tengok mana lebih murah.. hehe. ekonomi skrg.. terpaksa le..

  12. I have purchased from ezbuy previously and the shipping period is faster and efficient. Price is reasonable in ezbuy.

  13. Haven't tried Ezbuy before but will certainly check it out soon :) Thanks babe <3


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