4 Ways That Hammam Can Improve Your Well-Being

Hey! Let’s talk about life as a young working urbanite. How well have you been coping with the demanding world so far? In the modern world that we live in, we work round the clock and are often bogged down with numerous, stressful adult responsibilities. Due to our hectic schedules, rarely do we get the time to look after ourselves and our well-being. Hence, it is now, more important than ever, to give ourselves a break and treat ourselves every once a while. We should love ourselves first before we can love others, right.

Before we talk about the ways that hammam can improve your well-being, it is imperative for us to discuss what hammam is exactly. Well, in a nutshell, hammam is basically an old traditional cleansing ritual that bears its roots in Morocco. The ritual is popular and spread across the Middle East, where it is also popularly referred to as the Moroccan Bath.

What is the step-by-step process of Hammam?

Well, the ritual basically starts in a steam room with the application of traditional Moroccan black soap from head to toe. This is done to prepare the skin for exfoliation. Moroccan black soap is known to boast of several exfoliating and moisturizing properties; it is also rich in Vitamin E.

After the application of black soap, the body is then rinsed thoroughly with water. The exfoliation process then begins with the scrubbing of dead skin with special gloves called loofah. After the exfoliation process, a lavish shower takes place. The hammam process ends with the proper application of moisturizer to the body.

What are some of the ways that Hammam can improve your well-being?

Exfoliates the skin

The entire process of hammam is focused on the exfoliation of the skin. Therefore, the process of hammam gets rid of the dead skin cells from your body, thereby, making your skin texture a lot smoother. In addition to that, it also cleans and unclogs your pores, helping prevent the breakout of acne and pimples.

Physical and emotional detox

The ritual helps to relax the tired muscles and allows deep relaxation by helping reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, the ritual also helps enhance the blood circulation of the body, boosting the immune system.

Anti-aging benefits

The ritual allows your skin to breathe and plays a pivotal role in making the skin firm while improving elasticity. It helps the skin produce collagen, making the skin supple. As we stated earlier, the process largely concentrates on getting rid of old, dead skin cells, helping you maintain a youthful exuberance. Why is it important to remove dead cells? Well, dead cells exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Mind and body connection

The Hammam ritual follows a holistic approach and aims to balance the energy flow in the body. The sharp pain in our joints is often caused by the wrong flow of energy in our bodies.  The ritual soothes rheumatism and muscle pain, making you feel more energized. Basically, the hammam ritual rejuvenates, replenishes, and relaxes you.

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