Advance Way to Sew

Are you aiming at becoming one of the top tailors or designers in your city? The most significant tip to becoming the best designer is by knowing the right sewing techniques. The methods you use in sewing influences the elegant finishing of the garments. Note that whether you are a pro or just a beginner in the sewing industry, these sewing techniques are essential for all.

Different Advance Way to Sew

Trims and Piping

These two sewing designs are essential as they give the garment a unique and decorative look. Also, a lot of people prefer these methods as they make the sewed clothing look similar to a read made. Mostly these designs are formed on the edges of the clothes. 

It can be handmade or done with the use of a sewing machine to add the trims. The piping looks elegant when inserted into the waistband of a skirt or a dress, but trims can be added on various areas such as the arms, neck and also the edges of a skirt. Read more about piping and trimming plus how to mix different colors of these two decorating techniques.

Welt Pocket

Unlike before where the pockets were designed under the garment, now tailors have come up with another great way of adding pockets on top of the clothing. This design is mainly seen on the jeans, jackets coats and also you can add the technique to a dress or a skirt. The good thing with welt pockets is that they are not limited as you can add them in different designs. 

For example, you can sew double welt, single or add a zipper to the pocket which makes the clothe look outstanding. It is essential to know that a right welt pocket is determined by the use of a suitable sewing machine. So apart from mastering the best sewing techniques, ensure that you also invest in a good sewing machine. Check out the best devices that are recommended by to enable you to choose a reliable and durable sewing machine.


Underlining has wide varieties of purposes when added on the garment. This is a must technique that every tailor must master, and it is also quite easy to employ too. It can be added to different fabrics such as the silk, cotton or even woolen fabrics. The purpose of adding underlining is to ensure that the garment retains its natural shape after wearing or sitting for a long time. 

Some materials like silk tend to cling to the body or even crease if you sit for long hours. Therefore the underline helps in ensuring that the garment retains a good shape by adding maximum support from the inside, read more.

Complex Design Structures

One way to stand out as a tailor is by knowing different complex techniques and also knowing where and how to incorporate them into your garment. Most of the times, the complex structures are ideal for adding to simple clothes so as to accentuate the overall look. You can add the designs on the sleeves or even on the hem of a dress.
Sewing can be fun and also be built to a great career as long one can use different sewing methods and techniques. So apart from focusing on purchasing the best and modern sewing materials on the market, make sure that you know the different sewing techniques to make your tailoring work smooth and efficient as well. The above-outlined points are some of the best techiest to consider adding to your sewing skills.

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