7 Effective Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Romantic & Healthy

Are you in a long-distance relationship? If yes, how are you coping with it? Well, to me long-distance relationships (LDRs) have it's own challenges and beauty too. The long talks, waiting for that one meeting, morning texts, the good night messages or even the simple “I Love You" seem so special, right. Vivmag can guide you a lot in this respect.But maintaining this kind of relationship could be tough and strenuous because not every time you get to see the person, not every time your urge to meet your partner could be fulfilled.  

7 Effective Ways To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Romantic & Healthy

So how do you maintain a long distance relationship? What is the ultimate element that keeps a long distance relationship healthy. I think it got to be TRUST... 

In a relationship not only LDRs trust is everything, don't you think so? You got to earned it, not given. When the trust is betrayed, it is very hard to gain it back.
But there are certain ways in which you can make your long-distance relationship extremely beautiful and love-filled, certain acts of love that shall strengthen your bond without the distance taking a toll on the relationship.

Here are 7 ways in which you can help your long-distance relationship bloom and keep it thriving.

1. Trust Each Other

LDRs often suffer from insecurities and jealousy. Make sure you both do not let these elements creep in your relationship and make healthy moves just like any normal relationship. Trust each other despite the distance and that will help keep the fights away to a great level.

2. Plan Surprise Visits

Not all your visits need to be pre-planned. For a change, give a pleasant surprise to your partner by scheduling a visit. Also, keep in mind you do hamper their daily routine by bombarding into their space out of the blue. Your plans should always be sensible.

3. Schedule Video Calls

Since both of you cannot see each other in person, make sure this does not affect the relationship. Make video chats and curb the distance between you two by seeing each other smile every once in a while.

4. Buy Gifts

Sometimes, words cannot express all that’s tucked in your heart. At those times, your love-filled tokens work the best to convey all your sentiments. From teddies to flowers or a shopping coupon, leave no stone unturned to pamper your partner.

5. Make Mini Celebrations

Whether it’s the anniversary of your first kiss or the first time you both promised each other something special, celebrate the moment. Even if your partner doesn’t remember, send cake online along with your sweet love note.

6. Keep Alive The Romance

Talk dirty, send kinky texts, and infuse the spark in your relationship. Let your partner know that no matter far they are, they are your dose of romance and you are and would always feel high in their love.

7. Do Not Be Silent- Express

Since, you shall be far far away from your partner, this could create a communication gap. Therefore, no matter what your feelings are, tell your partner everything you are going through and don’t let the misunderstandings creep in.

Remember there’s a reason you both are sticking to each other and the reason is LOVE. Keep that love thriving by showing that you care. And with these 7 effective ways of maintaining your relationship, strengthen your LDR to the fullest.

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