Why & When You Should Drink Garcinia Maxx

Well… I think most of us may have indulged a little more during festive seasons. Whenever there is celebration there will be scrumptious of delicious food on the table. After all these indulgences how to get back into shape? Apart from switching back to healthy eating and exercising, we can also include health or diet drink. Recently I get to know more about this new diet drink, Garcinia Maxx during the interview session with Jason Teo, Chief Executive Marketing of Grand Million Bodywork.

Getting to know about Garcinia Maxx

It was a small group interview session whereby we get to know more in-depth about the products, who should take it and why, some testimonials, the people steering this growing company, and also their future expansion plan.

Interview Session with Jason Teo, Chief Executive Marketing of Grand Million Bodywork; Dato' Rizal Jamaludin, Chief Executive Officer of Wonder Glow Cosmetics; together with fellow bloggers 

Jason Teo, 27 a young and dedicated entrepreneur that started working at a very young age. He graduated from Tuanku Abdul Rahman Univesity with a degree in Accountancy. Since then Jason determined to be an entrepreneur and started his business. Despite of facing numerous setbacks during his previous businesses and partnerships, he did not give up and continue to learn to be better till he setup Grand Million Bodywork, the company behind Garcinia Maxx.

 Jason Teo, Chief Executive Marketing of Grand Million Bodywork

Well let’s start with what is Garcinia? For those who is into diet or slimming may know about Garcinia and its benefits. Well Garcinia derived from a type of fruit called Garcinia Cambogia is a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and India. The key active ingredient found in the rind of garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which some research suggests can help to lose weight.

Garcinia Maxx is diet drink for those who wish to reduce their weight in a healthy and natural way

Garcinia Maxx is diet drink for those who wish to reduce their weight in a healthy and natural way. According to Jason, the idea of using this ingredient came from Korea diet drink. The main ingredients in Garcinia Maxx are Garcinia Cambogia, or also known as Asam Keping in Malay; a type of very souring fruit. Acai berry is also one of the ingredients that has many benefits to boost our immune system, anti-oxidant and also the reason drink that this drink is purplish in color.

Garcinia Maxx helps to boost the process of burning fast during our workout or even performing our daily activities

Garcinia Maxx helps to boost the process of burning fast during our workout or even performing our daily activities. It also helps to reduce fat storage in our body and reduce hungry pangs. Plus the drinks also contains Vitamin C. If taking it consistently together with healthy diet and exercise one can see the results in 7 days. Kindly take note that the results may varies depending on the individual.

Mix 1 sachet of Garcinia Maxx with  180ml room temperature water and drink it before breakfast

It taste like berry drink with soda 

Well I tried this drink and it taste like berry drink with soda and had a hint of sourish. Overall the drink is very pleasant and refreshing to drink. The best time to drink is in the morning, on an empty stomach for better absorption. Can also drink after exercise drink.

Garcinia Maxx comes in a powder form and packed in a sachet. There are 30 sachets in this big black tub special packaging. According to Jason, the company will continue to improve the packaging and also the formulation to bring the best to their customers. Garcinia Maxx is retail price is at RM168 for East Malaysia and RM178 for Sabah & Sarawak. And comes with a free Fat Burner Foam while stock last.

Promotion: Garcinia Maxx comes with a free Fat Burner Foam while stock last

Garcinia Maxx is manufactured in Malaysia after going through a year of tedious R&D. The product is approved by KKM, Halal and 100% money back guarantee. For more information and also to purchase Garcinia Maxx, please visit Garcinia Maxx website at www.garciniamaxx.com


  1. Looks interesting...i want to check more about this...thanks for sharing kelly

  2. Terkejut tengok bekas besar tapi packing kecil-kecil. Ngam.. Senang nak bawa travel ke mana-mana.

  3. Wow.. the bottle and label itself looks attractive and very energetic. I should get this for my fitness diet as well. Thanks sharing Kelly :)

  4. wow. diet drink.
    I just started diet, kelly. more to healthy food.
    and exercise. to get an ideal weight.
    maybe diet drink can help to expedite. right? hi hi hi
    jason so handsome! ha ha ha

  5. Waaaa. So young ya Jason. Same age as me. But I'm achieve nothing..huhu.

    But thank you for your sharing. Btw the price is quite reasonable.

  6. Untuk menambat hati semua penguna status Halal memang kena dititik beratkan. Dan selepas tu baru lah senang nak diwar -warkan sebagai satu produk kesehatan untuk yang mahu mula diet.
    Baru ada boom

  7. Wah halal produk. Bagus ni lagi pun kalau nak kembang kan pasaran secara meluas status halal ni memang dititk beratkan

  8. Waah, the product can help us to loose weight? I should try this. Look so good.

    Good job Jason.

  9. wah,just knew about this honestly. the packaging itself look catchy and interesting. definitely gonna look more into it


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