Why Drinking Warm Water is Better Than Cold Water feature DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar

Hey! We always say that health is the most important thing in our life but sometime we fall into temptation. Or we may not know about what is good for your health and what is not. As you know that water is the source of life, not only we have to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday but also the quality water and also warm water. Do you know why drinking warm water is better than cold water?

Why Drinking Warm Water is Better Than Cold Water feature DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar

Today I’m going to share with you 6 reasons why drinking warm water able to bring benefits to our body. As you know, the moment we wake up from our sleep we need to drink water to hydrate. Most of us would prefer to drink cold water because it’s refreshing; however, the best way to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning is actually warm water as this offers the most health benefits. You can check the temperature of the water using a wireless water temperature sensor.


Recently I’m using DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar that is perfect for my whole family because it dispense warm water, hot water and also room temperature water with push of a button. Every morning the moment I wake up I will walk over to the kitchen for a glass of warm water, same goes to most of my family members. After getting to know about the health benefits of drinking warm water through a talk conducted in DIAMOND Headquarter we changed our drinking water habits.

So easy to use! Get Hot, Warm or Room Temperature Water with just a push of a button

Before I like to drink iced or cold water; as you know the weather is hot in our country so cold water gives a very refreshing feeling and quench the thirst. However it is bad for health, especially for children. Regular drinking warm water, especially in the morning, can heal our bodies, providing digestive power and reducing metabolic waste that could have built up in our immune system.

6 reasons why drinking warm water able to bring benefits to our body

Here are the 6 reasons why drinking warm water able to bring benefits to our body. Ideally, we should drink warm water with lemon.

1. Improve digestion
Warm water on an empty stomach can cleanse your body, stimulate the digestive system, helping our body to better digest and eliminate foods.

2. Prevent constipation
Drinking warm or hot water can help improve intestinal movements to fight constipation. By stimulating digestion, this healthy habit is vital for eliminating waste and toxic.

3. Helps with weight loss
Warm water raises body temperature and metabolism, it stimulates fat burning. Drinking warm water improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. 

4. Improve blood circulation
Warm water helps relax muscles and stimulate blood flow.

5. Prevent pre-mature aging
A cup of warm water in the morning stimulates detoxification and prevents many different diseases plus it is ideal for repairing skin cells and elasticity.

6. Reduce menstrual cramps and headache
The heat has a calming effects on our body, it helps to relax the abdominal muscles to relieve cramps and spasms.

6 reasons why my family and I like about DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar

Here are the 6 reasons why my family and I like about DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar

1. Easy to use
Just a press of a button we can get warm water anytime of the day without have to mixing it. Previously we have to mix half cup of hot and room temperature water to get a cup of warm water. DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar, with its innovative 3-second instant heat technology provides 50°C warm water instantly. We can also get hot water to prepare our drinks, for cup noodles, and etc. Plus room temperature water too.

Now my whole family get use to drink warm water every day, thanks to DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar

2. For health purposes
It is worth to invest anything that can enhanced my family and my health. As you have read about the benefits of drinking warm water, this WaterBar is one of the most convenient way to encourage and cultivate the good habit. 

Now children can easy accessible to warm water and elderly people are happy because the get their regular warm water or hot water with just a push of a button. 3-year old children would understand how to get their own healthy warm water and keep kids away from unhealthy cold water.

Dispensing hot water to make breakfast every morning (oats)

Its so easy without have to wait and my oats breakfast is ready!
3. Sleek and modern design
The WaterBar comes in a very slim and sleek design that don’t take up so much space. Plus the white color can be easily blend into my kitchen, dining or any corner of my house.

Can store up to 2.8L water 

4. Safety
The WaterBar is equipped with all the simple safety features that children are not easily access to hot water in case they might burn or injured.

5. Easy to maintain
These is also one of the consideration, DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar is easy to maintain and stress free. Just plug the power source and start using.

6. Free Trial for 7 Days
This is great for those of you who wish to try and start drinking warm water every day at the most convenient way. Keeping children away from unhealthy cold water and enjoy healthy warm water at anytime. Here is the link you can apply for your 7-Day Free Trial http://diamondcoral.com/my/childrens-best-warm-water-assistant/

I hope you get an insightful information of 6 reasons Why Drinking Warm Water is Better Than Cold Water and also 6 reasons why my whole family love DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar.

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  1. Nanti saya tengok dan servey harga coral ni.. Sbb kat rumah belum ada benda ni.. Sng kan nak masak air tak perlu tunggu lama2 sgt..

  2. Yeah now I know much more on the why is better to drink lotsa warm water. Will drop by to look over the promotion of Diamond Coral WaterBar too. Thanks for the sharing sis.

  3. wahhh cantik dia waterbar tu..khasiat pun banyak..untuk weight loss tu macam menarik hahaha..pepagi dah boleh breakfast oat panas..yeay..senang dan mudah

  4. I love warm water. Give me some refreshing. Who's love warm water, should try DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar.

  5. Water is so important for health.. stay hydrated all the while, with diamon coral water?

  6. Kena minum 7 gelas air setiap hari tapi saya kategori kurang juga minum air. Safety features kat water bar ni menambat hati sebab kekadang ada anak-anak kecil yang main2 tekan je ingatkan barang mainan mereka.


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