4 Reasons Wearing Parkour Shoes Improve Performances

Experts debate on whether or not one should wear parkour shoes. When you choose to train in bare feet, you risk hurting your feet. On the other hand, if you decide to wear the right parkour shoes, you can make as many jumps for the longest time possible. Parkour is a sport that involves running over long distances, jumping over fences, buildings and obstacles. The game is popular nowadays since its introduction in France. As a professional traceur, you should look for the appropriate shoe for your feet. 

Here are some of the reasons for wearing parkour shoes: 

1. Strong sole

Soles add comfort and flexibility to the shoe and leg. Professionals want a shoe that would help them jump on lofty grounds without hurting their feet. These boots have a one-piece rubber sole, which adds to its durability. Other shoes contain different pieces attached to the bottom.

The sole also adds to the grip that the jumper has when landing on surfaces. This will ensure that you do not slide, which can lead to broken bones if you trip.

When selecting a shoe, be sure that the sole is medium sized. Therefore, the individual can feel the ground and the impact between the ground, the shoes and the feet. It will also absorb any shock when landing on any platform.

2. They are light

Every traceur needs to consider the weight of his shoes. Heavy shoes affect the way you land, and the balance as well; hence, you will fall if not cautious.

Lighter shoes, on the other hand, are comfortable. The jumper will control movement and balance when jumping, landing, and running. You will also have better control of the grip between your feet and the ground. Besides, when the shoe is lighter, you can practice for more extended periods.

3. Parkour shoes are flexible

Jumpers usually run on different terrains. Some of them are very risky. Therefore, with this in mind, the shoes that the traceur puts on should be flexible to adapt to all these grounds or surfaces. As much as the shoe should be stiff, it should have the right amount of flexibility so that your ankle and feet remain under protection.

Once you wear them, the runner can run on any ground while in them. However, you should pick the right fit for your feet.

4. They have an arch

Every traceur knows the importance of landing appropriately. Otherwise, if you land inaccurately, you will hurt your body. To assist in this, one should buy a shoe that has the right arch at the front. It makes landing smooth and with balance, which is one character with parkour shoes; thus, reliable.

Parkour is a risky game; hence, take precaution as you perform your stunts. When buying shoes for parkour, ensure that you consider the above points so that you are guaranteed of safety as you do those crazy stunts. You will also protect your feet when moving on rough terrains as compared to when you are shoeless.

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