5 Tips to Find a Slimming Corset

Constructed using flexible yet strong fabrics such as satin, brocade, mesh, cotton and leather, corsets are reinforced with flexible steel rods (a process known as steel boning) so that they’re strong enough to cinch in your waist and accentuate your bustline and hips. With many celebrities wearing corsets and how important they’re in developing killer curves, more and more women are turning to waist training. Whether you don your steel boned corset to make a fashion statement, improve your back pain and posture or just to cinch in your waist on your wedding, there’s one out there for you. 

Body shaping corsets can also be worn to create a classic hourglass figure or simply for costuming. If you’re wondering where to find one, here are 5 tips to help you find the best steel bone corset for you:
Top 5 Ways of Finding Steel Boned Waist Trainers:
1. Word-of-Mouth
Ask your network of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors if they know where you can buy a good waist trainer. If someone in your network is already waist training, or have a connection using a slimming corset, they can easily refer you to their provider or seller.

2. Online Search
A quick search on Google can also help you find various sellers retailing corsets. Find a number of brands and compare their products to help you pick the best waist trainer. Opt for about three good retailers whose products seem impressive and better than the rest. With your list, you’ll be able to narrow down to the best corset brand for you.

3. True Corset Canada
If you know a specific company that manufactures and retails corsets, you can simply visit their website or physical store to find something that suits you. Canada, just like America, is home to many top companies popular for their high quality slimming steel bonedcorsets. True Corset Canada has its waist trainers in use by women worldwide.
4. Product Review Websites & e-Commerce Platforms

Review websites allow customers to leave reviews for companies they’ve used their services or products. You’ll be able to read the positives and negatives people are saying about any particular corset brand. Opt for the seller or provider with the most positive reviews about their waist trainer. Top e-Commerce platforms also sell various types of corsets you can check out.

5. Social Media 

Social media has taken the world by storm and people use them to connect with their friends and families. People also use social platforms to create new connections and pass time. Since many social sites report millions of accounts being active daily on their platforms, businesses have the opportunity to meet their prospects on social media.
You’ll find companies on social media platforms engaging their prospects on a daily basis. Corset retailers and manufacturers haven’t remained behind. These companies use social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to promote their products. A simple keyword search on Facebook, for instance, will bring up various pages of companies selling steel boned corsets.
Go through a number of Facebook pages on waist trainers and compare your notes to find the best waist trainer for you. 

Once you find the right corset provider, make sure you choose the right material, color, constriction, extent of coverage and design. Take your measurements so you can pick a fitting waist trainer made for your size.  

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