2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals

Ten candidates are admired and expected by thousands of people during 2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals was officially held in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya. The commonly expected "International Honorary Master of The World in 2018" will live up to people’s expectation and take the hot top ten  candidates of “Man” together into the river of fantasy with you.

2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals

This year, the candidates election for the “Man” are no less than the ordinary beauty campaign, on the contrary, exploring the world's great potential of stylish men from the world's international reputation campaign. Let’s witness the success of Mr. Victory to be listed in management talent of World Prestige International reputation as one of the artists.

2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals

Winners List:

Grand Winner ~ contestant 3  : Ali afshar ( Iran )
1st Runner-up ~ contestant 9  :  Sam Len Han Zhen ( Malaysia )
2nd Runner-up ~ contestant 7  :  Mosi  ( Iran )
3rd Runner-up ~ contestant 1  :  Steven Lee ( Malaysia )
4th Runner-up ~ contestant 2  : Vernon David Apostol
Mr Perfect Body ~ contestant 4  : MD
Best Posture ~ contestant 10 :  Avesta
Mr Popularity ~ contestant 6  : Firdavs Kurbonov
Mr Friendship ~ Contestant 5 : Dr Syed
Best Photogenic ~ contestant 8  :  Jordan Tan

2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals

The general assembly expressed gratitude for the sponsorship as honorary sponsor of Vintage Collection International, which made the 2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand finals successfully complete. They are the main sponsor for 2018 Mister World Prestige International. Vintage collection was founded in 1996, and it is mainly tailored for evening wearing and senior executives.

2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals

Its unique evening dress collection creates a timeless style of evening wearing, which has created the fashion trend of the never-out-of-date evening dress. At present, the Collection has three experienced high fashion designers from all over the world to tailored in person, designed and make for the current female fashion departments. With the day after day, year after year, the orders are increasing daily.

The charismatic candidate uses this lofty stage to show off the world's Top Ten International Reputations and to continue to train and strengthen their physique to become the next best champion, to be invincible and enjoy the constant victory with their opponents.

2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals

Each bright light, shining like the sun, one by one alternately show the broad and charming shoulder muscles, also appear to be light pace in the steps. The riders in armor gradually radiate interesting and humorous talents at the end of the spectrum. The audience saw and clapped their hands to give strength, and the force was not inferior to the semi-final jury's vision of looking for a high standard of fierce general.

The behind-the-scenes staff of the World Prestige International organizers has been working hard to quickly launch the campaign recruitment in a short period of over two months to find the right sponsor side by side to successfully open today's press conference and select the strongest and most outstanding 10 candidates.

The usual co-sponsor of the shooting venue includes Pullman Lakeside Hotel, who providing the venue for the solo album shoot of this year's contestants. There is also major clothing sponsorship: Vintage Collection. Followed is Bag & Shoes sponsorship: Fion Poon Exclusive. And other Silver sponsor are: Hairstyle team:Peek-A-Boo Hair Profesional; Makeup team: Gelly Wee Makeup, model trainer: Character International Modeling Academy & Agency, shooting team : VOUGE Production.

2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals
2018 Mister World Prestige International Grand Finals

The next campaign is in full swing with nominations of Miss World Prestige International, Mrs World Prestige International , if you have friends who are eager to try, remember to stay tune to the social media of World Prestige International, perhaps you are one of our Grand Winner . Interested participants may contact: Ms Cassadra Ng at 012 - 6101188.

For more information and updates about the World Prestige International, please visit World Prestige International Facebook  www.facebook.com/worldprestigeinternational and Instagram /  Youtube Channel/google plus at World Prestige International


  1. Congratulations for all winner. Its ok Malaysian candidates be 1st and 3rd runner up. Want to know the winners of next campaign for Miss World Prestige International.

  2. never heard of this competition. congratulations to everyone that made it this far!

  3. seronoknya acara ini melibatkan beberapa negara di asia


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