Packing For A Solo Travel Trip

Solo travel is all about going on your own steam without ever having to compromise on the things you want to do, the foods you want to eat and the people you want to meet. Ah, the bliss! But, while it can be utterly blissful, it comes with its challenges too. Especially as a female traveler who has to haul her bags from here to there, perhaps upstairs or down the road. Backpacking, especially, becomes incredibly difficult. Why? Well because us girls take everything but the kitchen zinc! We want as many clothing options as possible, and we certainly test the durability of our travel bags (and our strength), in the process.

So, how does one travel light without compromising on style? That’s the question we always ask ourselves, but never seem to get a solid answer. Which, of course, sends us right back into heavy-packing mode. But, for once, you’re going to get the answer (and the guidance) you’ve been waiting for! Take a look at our helpful tips for packing as a solo traveler.

Pack in Multi-Purpose Items
The trick to packing lightly is taking multi-purpose items. This just means packing in basic styles, which can be worn repeatedly, in different ways and for various occasions. Basic styles which can be dressed up or down - which can be worn to the beach, or to an evening dinner, is what you need. 

Packing items for specific occasions is the quickest way to take up space and end up with a bag that weighs the earth. This same rule goes for shoes, too. Pack in shoes that strike a balance between casual and dressy, so that you don’t need to take too many different pairs.

Stick to Simple Colors
I bet you never thought that the color of your clothing could affect the weight of your bag! Well, technically it can’t (obviously), but we’ll show you why it can. Too many different colors limit you. For example, if you have a bright red top - you’re most likely only going to wear that color with black or white. 

Whereas, if you pack in basic colors (white, black, nude, navy), you’ll be able to mix and match these colors with a lot more, than you could with a bright red top. Also, no-one would ever know if you’ve worn the same black top a few times over, but unfortunately, colors will give the secret away. But, don’t get me wrong, take one or two bright-colored items, but pack in more basic colors if you’re serious about packing lightly.

More Dresses!
Dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits are great items for travelling. Why? Well, because one item makes an entire outfit! There’s no need to pack in two separate pieces of clothing - which will definitely save you space, and your back from breaking (now that’s a real pro). 

Dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits are also usually light, as they’re more often than not, made from light fabrics such as cotton, whereas fabrics such as denim are heavy and need to be avoided as far as possible. (You really need to think of everything)! Of Course you can only pack in items like dresses if you’re visiting a place with a warm climate, or a place that’s in their summer season.

Don’t Take All Your Toiletries
I know you’ve got questions about this one but don’t worry, we’ve got our reasons. Toiletries are heavy. They can quickly add another half a kilo to your bag, and this is what you want to avoid. 

So, what we suggest is you take only that which you seriously need, while flying. When you’ve touched down in the destination you can always go out and buy the rest of the toiletries you need - and you can get the smaller containers or smaller samples so that you can use them up while you’re there.

Leave the Bulky Items at Home

Bulky items are usually those big warm jackets, and those military-like boots. Moral of the story: travel to a place with a warmer climate! Summer clothes are generally lighter, and you don’t need as many! 

However, if you are going somewhere cold, rather take one reliable jacket that can be paired with anything (see rule number 2) and be strict with yourself regarding options. There’s no space for options - only that which you desperately need.

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  1. Good tips need to follow even small things make us easy to travel


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