Time to GO RUN

Recently, I think I have over indulged in food hmmm... with Christmas and New Year parties just over and now Chinese New Year is coming next week. Going out and meeting friends and relatives means eat eat eat... food food food… its Malaysian Style la. Plus we can’t really resist all the delicious food in front of us, can we? Talking about that I just had Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream last night before my dinner, I wanted to say No but… OMG!

I fat dy! Really la, the weight machine arrow is going up, I hope to see it coming down huhuhu. with the added 3 kgs of baby fat argh… what am I going to do? Its time to Go Run and don’t be lazy lazy. I need to burn those calories, lose some weight and get in shape plus the most important thing is that be fit and healthy. More running around coming up soon, stay tune... love u :D

Don’t be lazy lazy, Remember to Go Run  
Have a Happy Sunday 


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    1. wa... thanks for the motivation

      Sunshine Kelly

  2. The photo of you looks like a cut out... and photoshopped into the background... LOL!


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