Spring / Summer 2013 Makeup Trend: How to Achieve That Look Makeup Tutorial

A brand new season not only calls for new fashion trends, but it is also a time for you to spruce up your makeup bag with pops of colour. For Spring / Summer 2013, it has been observed that bright and bold metallic eyes are the main focus at fashion shows while the rest of the face is downplayed to a minimal look with natural or nude colours for the lips and a hint of rosy cheeks to give a fresh look.

Below are steps for re-creating this outstanding look:

FOCUS: Metallic Eye Makeup
1. Starting with the eyes, combine loose metallic eye shadow pigment with a couple of drops of Bio-Oil. Combining the two products will intensify and brighten the pigment colour – giving it more depth and dimension. When we apply the eye colour its look more intense after mixing the pigments with Bio Oil. 

2. Next, apply the mix with your fingertips or with an eye shadow brush, if preferred, to the eyelids.

3. To set the eye shadow in place, brush a layer of the same loose eye shadow colour on top. This will ensure the colour lasts longer.

4. To accentuate your eyes further, apply eye liner and finish with two coats of mascara.

5. Clean up any make-up that may have fallen onto cheeks with a cotton swab coated in Bio-Oil.

For A Natural, Minimalist Makeup
1. Before your foundation, apply 2-3 drops of Bio-Oil onto your hand and massage in a circular motion on your face until it is fully absorbed into the skin. Bio-Oil acts as a moisturizer and helps prepare your skin for make-up.

2. This is followed with an application of foundation to create a flawless, even complexion.

3. Mix Bio-Oil with concealer to help dry and delicate skin areas such as under the eyes. Bio-Oil can also help give your concealer an even finish.

4. Brush your face with loose powder to give your face a matte finish.

5. To frame your face, fill in eyebrows with an eye shadow shade that closely matches your hair colour. 

6. Lastly, dab some blush powder on the apples of your cheeks to create a naturally flushed, youthful look.

The Perfect Nude Lips
1. To complete this look, apply Bio-Oil onto lips to moisturize and condition.  Bio-Oil can be applied with fingertips or a cotton swab.

2. Finally, wrapping up the spring / summer look, apply a pale or nude lipstick colour onto lips before stepping out with your trendy look! 


  1. Woah! I never knew Bio-Oil can also be used for makeup. This is pretty awesome! :D

    1. Hi Laura,

      me too, until i attended this makeup tutorial.

      Sunshine Kelly


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