Concert Anuar Zain: 3 Decades of Music, Love and Passion

Anuar Zain finally celebrated his 30 years anniversary in Malaysia’s music industry with 6,000 of his fans during his first ever Mega Concert, Anuar Zain Three Decades of Music, Love and Passion in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam on 16th February, 2013.

There were a few surprises as the concert progresses. First, there was a special appearance by Nora Danish, who looked radiant as she stepped down the stair of multistoried stage (designed by Faizal Mohd. Zulkifli), during the song Ajari Aku. Nora Danish simply looked gorgeous wearing Hatta Dolmat’s award winning dress, and the crowd went wild as they swayed together.

This followed by the premier screening of Sempurnakan Aku music video, which is the continuation from Ajari Aku music video. Fans finally get to see the couple together on the beautiful altar specially decorated by Reka Teemor.

The crowd hushed in awe as Mac Chew, who is also the Musical Director of the concert, accompanied Anuar on the grand piano during the rendition of Ketulusan Hati. The crooner then continues to amaze is fan as he was joined on stage by four guest vocalist; Adibah Noor, Dina Nadzir and Elvira Arul for a remarkable rendition of Cinta Harus Memiliki.

Anuar did not disappoint his fans who have been following him since the beginning of his career when he sang his first hit, Kain Pelikat, accompanied by the incredible performance of Swatari Dancers, whom were all aged between 7-12 years old.

Three Decades of Music, Love and Passion concert is just the right combination of art and technology, the stage lighting matches each performance perfectly, designed by Steve Ho of SES, and the graphics/visual playbacks on the giant LED background shot by Amri Ginang is just so overwhelmingly impressive. 

The charming entertainer must have broken quite a few hearts as he walked off the stage after singing Lelaki Ini, but all was forgiven when he came back on stage mush to the delight of his fans who chanted non-stop for an encore. Nothing can be more perfect as Anuar belted Sedetik Lebih as his finally parting gift for all those in the stadium.

Music, Love and Passion, are the elements that has made Anuar one of Malaysia’s best male singer and tonight’s concert defines a remarkable musical journey that he shared with every single person who was there.

Speaking after the concert, Anuar said he felt blessed to have such strong support from his fans, and thanked them for all their love. He also highlighted that without the help from the media both electronic and traditional, especially the concert’s official media partner – TV3, NTV7, Hot FM, Berita Harian, Harian Metro, Media Hiburan and

Three Decades of Music, Love and Passion concert, was truly a celebration that will go down as one of the best in Malaysia’s music history.

Anuar Zain Three Decades of Music, Love and Passion Concert Song List:-

1. I’m the lucky one
2. Bila Resah
3. Suria dan Siarra
4. Jangan Bersedih lagi
5. Mungkin
6. Ajari Aku
7. Keabadian Cinta
8. Kau Bunga Cintaku
9. Perpisahan
10 Kembalilah Kasih/Hanya Milik Mu
11. Ketulusan hati
12. Cinta Harus Memiliki
13. Sesucinya Cintamu
14. Bidadari
15. Semua Untukmu
16. Kain Pelikat
17. Teman Terulung
18. Lelaki Ini
19. Sedetik Lebih

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