Sushi Tei New Menu 2013 at SetiaWalk Puchong

Yay!!! Yee Sang at Sushi Tei is fresh and crisp. Japanese food is of course healthy and it could only be yummy if its freshness. Yes, freshness is very important especially the sashimi. Usually the Japanese restaurants get their fresh supplies every Tuesday and Friday. So we are lucky because we were there on Friday evening. Awesome, our sashimi is just freshly airflown to Malaysia that day. 

Sushi Tei Premium Yee Sang RM68.80 

Sushi Tei Premium Yee Sang RM68.80 (for 8-10 pax) This Yee Sang comes with salmon sashimi, hamachi and aka ebi (prawn) topped the special sauce. Let’s tossed! The whole combination of Yee Sang fresh ingredients and the sauce makes me go for my second helping. You can also do takeaway if you feel like add Yee Sang to your house dinner or party. 

  Amaebi Karaage RM12.80

Appetizer: Amaebi Karaage RM12.80 its crispy and the batter is quite light and flavourful. Basically the whole prawn can be eaten even the head because its so crispy. 

Salmon Skin RM6.80

Another munchie appertizer, Salmon Skin RM6.80 once you start you, can't stop till you finished the whole bowl. Carve for the crispy Salmon Skin now while I blogged about Sushi Tei...

Asari Sakamushi RM23.80

 This Asari Sakamushi RM23.80 one of my favourite, the sweetness of the soup 
and the the freshness of the clams. Simple yet delicious.

Chuka Fukahire RM6.80

Ika Sugata Shio RM15.80

I quite like this Ika Sugata Shio RM15.80 squid, the first portion that came was finished up so fast and we ordered the second portion. The second portion came in a bigger size squid and its a bit chewy. I would prefer the smaller size. 

Asama 5pcs RM35.80 tuna, yellow tail, salmon

Asama 5pcs RM35.80 tuna, yellow tail, salmon. This is what i mean fresh sashimi. Where every piece of the fish looks shiny and when you bite it has the soft, smooth  like melting in your mouth and don't have the fishy stench. 

Maguro Lover RM11.80

Maguro Lover RM11.80 yummss... salmon with avocado and salmon roe. 
The avocado  and the little bit of myonnaisse makes the sushi taste creamy.

Dynamic Roll RM16.80

Salmon Enoki Roll RM12.80

Salmon Enoki Roll RM12.80 is also one of my favourite in Sushi Tei new menu. Thanks Sushi Tei this is just prefect. I like enoki mushroom plus wrap in Salmon make it more appetizing. The texture I believe is smoother the sweet sauce is not to heavy. 

Lobster Salad RM12.80

Kaisen Ramen Salad RM28.80

Kaisen Ramen Salad RM28.80. Ramen with sashimi have you tried them before? Its looks nothing special right? The plus point is the fresh sashimi and the special sauce. 

Gindara Teriyaki RM26.80

Gindara Teriyaki RM26.80, this thinly sliced Cod fish perfectly grill with a thin layer of sweet sauce. It is soft and juicy. The sauce is not too think and sweet, so I can still taste the fish.  

Golden Soft Shell Crab RM12.80

Golden Soft Shell Crab RM12.80 this crispy soft shell crab topped with house special mayonnaise. The mayonnaise taste good but I think it will be better if the mayonnaise is at the side not spread on top of the soft shell crab. 

Choi Kara Fried Rice RM18.80

Choi Kara Fried Rice RM18.80 is spicy fried rice with crab meat surprisingly good. Looks so so only but when I ate it its very fragrant and flavourful.  

 Tan Tan Don RM11.80
Tan Tan Don RM11.80, this rice dish comes with mince chicken meat, top with poach egg. Poke the egg yolk and mix the rice it with the rest of the ingredients evenly. 

 Gyoza RM9.80

 Ikura Chawanmushi RM12.80

Ikura Chawanmushi RM12.80 is smooth with big salmon roe. Awesome! I always love Chawanmushi is a healthier choice. 

Matcha Ice Cream RM7.00

Who would say no to Matcha Ice Cream RM7.00... this green tea ice cream is my favourite among the three which are yogurt forest berry and sesame. 

The ambient and environment in this Sushi Tei outlet is spacious, clean, neat and quite cozy. You can choose to sit around the sushi bar or sit at the side tables. 

Some pictures without watermark is Ah Bok's; credit to Taufulou 
and thanks for extending the invitation to me. 

Sushi Tei @ SetiaWalk Puchong

Pork Free

Sushi Tei @ SetiaWalk Puchong
Block I-G-03, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, Puchong, 47160 Selangor.
Tel: 03-5882 2995

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