CNY 2013 Radiant Flawless Skin: Step by Step Makeup Tutorial by Kres Kuang

Yay, 2 more days to Chinese New Year! so what do you plan to wear on the first day of CNY 2013? cheong sam (wow), dress (standard), jeans and t-shirt (errr) or… and do you have any idea how to match your makeup with what you wear? Hmm…

As the Chinese New Year festive season sets into motion, your calendar will soon be filled up with visiting friends and families, eating, outing, short vacation and etc etc etc… I think you would not want to apply a heavy makeup when you go visiting relatives and friends during CNY, with the hot weather and moving around touch up makeup could be a hassle. Perhaps, what you want is an easy to maintain and last through the day makeup plus can easily match any of your outfit. This tutorial by Kres Kuang helps create a flawless look with minimal makeup. 

CNY 2013 Radiant Flawless Skin: Final Look Makeup by Kres Kuang

These are the steps to achieve this look during the festive season:

FOCUS: Radiant, glowing skin
1. Apply 1 to 2 drops of Bio-Oil over the face and massage in circular motion until it is fully absorbed into the skin. This helps to prep and moisturize the skin.

2. For a hint of sheen and glowy effect, mix a small amount of pearl toned loose pigment together with foundation. Add 1 to 2 drops of Bio-Oil to the mixture for easier application.

3. Use fingertips to apply foundation in the same way as applying moisturizer – this will help create a natural look.

4. Cover any imperfections and dark circles with concealer.  A small amount of concealer will go a long way so use sparingly to avoid the ‘caked’ look.

5. Dab some blusher onto apples of the cheeks and an application of highlighter on top to give that candlelit effect (which will appear more prominent in photos).

6. Lastly, finish off your makeup with some loose powder, applying just at the T-zone

Simple Eye Makeup Tips
1. For a minimal look, keep eyes looking fresh and awake by applying eye liner onto the top and bottom of the eye lids.

2. Curl eye lashes and apply a coat of mascara.

Healthy Moisturized Lips
1. Add Bio-Oil to lips before applying any lip colour to ensure they stay moisturized. 


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