Marie France Bodyline by Amy Quek: Slimming Centres and its Effectiveness: Woman behind Women’s Weight Loss Journey


Well, many of us including myself are skeptical to step into slimming centres even they offer free 1st trial or very attractive slimming packages. Why? I am afraid and tired of their hard sell and the tricky promo tactics. I encountered bad experiences so many times. Sometimes the promo package is really attractive but when we wanted to sign up the sales consultant will try to push those more expensive packages to us or we have to top up so many things at the end the total treatment is way off our initial budget. Plus not all slimming centres deliver the results that they promise hmmm… 

We were able to voice out our concerns and queries over the effectiveness of beauty treatment in slimming centres and myths surrounding visit to centres during the bloggers Q&A session led by Amy Quek Swee Li, Chief Executive Officer of Marie France Bodyline.

Amy Quek Swee Li, Chief Executive Officer of Marie France Bodyline
Amy Quek has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty and slimming industry. She is a go-getter, resilient and a mother of three who has invested her fund, talent and time to ensure Marie France retains its leadership in the market. As a firm believer in wholesome beauty and philanthropist, Amy ensures Marie France gives back to the community whenever possible and she does this on a personal level too. Marie France Bodyline is currently looking at working with several NGO’s to help single women and single mothers by providing employment opportunities in Marie France outlets.

During the Q&A session, Amy shared with us the details of Marie France’s slimming treatment procedures, its patented medical diagnostic system and the most important for us is price transparency. According to Amy all Marie France beauty consultant and therapist are well trained. They will inform their clients and potential clients about the overall treatment cost, package and pricing upfront minus any hidden costs.

Tips from Amy, slimming therapy followed by good diet and exercise regime would definitely show amazing results. Marie France encourages their customers to follow a holistic meal and exercise plans in order for them to see maximum results from their weight loss regime at the same time enjoy better health.

Marie France Bodyline KLCC Outlet

Marie France constantly incorporated innovations and latest technology in their slimming treatments, which are globally recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and medical professionals all over the world. This will enhance effectiveness at the same time ensure its 100% safe and free from the use of dangerous pills or injections.

May Wong, Regional Sales Manager of Marie France Bodyline
Lead Us the Tour Around the KLCC outlet facilities

Marie France’s recent inventions are Cellu Check Plus, a revolutionary medical diagnostic system which providers a clinic analysis of fatty deposits and Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART), a proven method of combining high energy radial waves with a breakthrough vacuum technology which metabolize fat cells and reduce the occurrence and appearance of cellulite.

The VIP Lounge Area
I am going to try out the Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART) after Chinese New Year. It said to help women of all ages in fighting cellulite issues, caused by hormonal or age related laxity of the connective tissues on the common problem areas of the body, such as arms, thighs, abdomen and love handles, ultimately leading to a circumferential reduction in these areas. On average, visible slimming result can be achieved within six to 12 treatment sessions.

Aha! plus now I know that Marie France Bodyline’s slimming programs are suitable for men and women. So if any men would like to slim and trim down, you are most welcomed to Marie France!

After the Q&A session, May Wong the Regional Sales Manager guided us to a quick tour around Marie France KLCC outlet facilities. The VIP Lounge area is so well decorated and there is a lot of space for customers to rest, change and touch-up their make-up after the slimming treatment. Quite a number of treatments rooms in this outlet and all of them are cozy. Below are some pictures that I managed to snap during the tour.

Vanity Area

Treatment Room

Vanity Area

Discussion area

Resting Area


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