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adidas Energy Boost

Finally after the long waiting, today we get to view, touch and try the latest running shoes innovation and revolution – Energy Boost. Adidas BOOST is part of a new adidas segment called Energy Running, the shoe features BOOST™, a revolutionary cushioning technology which provides the highest energy return in the running industry. 

How does it work? BOOST™ combines soft cushioning and responsiveness work together to give runners a running experience unlike any other.

Can adidas Energy BOOST my Run? Some has tried it much earlier and said OMG they never feels like this before when they run, love it, some said need more time to know the difference and so on… So you gotta to try it to know it...

Hope I can answer some of your questions:-

Is it suitable to run in hot climate for more than 4 hours?
Yes, they have tested it at temperatures from +40 to -20 degrees Celsius. But the durations I am yet to test it out.

Is it suitable for bunion feet?
For this is very subjective due to individual feet formation. You have to try it, see it fits your or not.  

Why I have blister when I run for long distance in a hot weather?
Blisters its due to the shoes size its either your shoes is too big or too small. If too big your feet move or rotate more when you run thus create more friction and that can cause blister. Try to find a running shoes that gives a good grip and fit on your feet comfortably. Such as adidas Techfit technology has this comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion.

Available in how many colours?
Currently adidas Energy Boost only available in black. 

Can run without wearing socks?
Yes, you can in this Energy Boost because the comfy material and the way it stitches does not caused friction and discomfort to the feet. Its optional, however I will still run with my sock on hehehe…

Additional infor:

Energy Boost is miCoach compatible

A special mid-foot support frame which cradles the foot in place, an extended TORSION® system from heel to toe which helps to minimise roll for more stability, an adiwear outsole which reduces wear in key sole areas and extends the life of the shoe, and an external heel counter which maximises the heel fit and comfort during the run.

Boost your cushioning
BOOST™ innovation focus on its foam cushioning solid granular material (TPU). Its literally blown up and turned into thousands of small energy capsules which make up the footwear’s distinctive midsole provides the highest energy return when you run.

Boost your conditions
When tested at temperatures from +40 to -20 degrees Celsius, BOOST™ foam is three times more temperature resistant than standard EVA material, providing a more consistent run.

Boost your comfort
adidas Techfit technology with highly durable and elastic polyurethane, providing optimal comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion. A stretch, breathable mesh material offers the fit of a sock while engineered powerbands across the upper provide targeted support and stabilise the foot where needed when moving. Optional: because of its comfort we can also run without wearing socks. 

Boost your run
Only 500 pair available in Malaysia. adidas Energy BOOST is open for pre-order from 15th to 24th Feb 2013 at, adidas Sports Performance Concept Stores in Suria KLCC (Level 3) and Sunway Pyramid (Level 2). The Energy Boost retails at RM550 for both men and women. Be among the first to Boost your run!

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