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Pensonic PapaBlend

Sometimes I make my own fruit juice at home, it's healthy. It's actually pretty simple just have to wash and add in fruits and vegetables that I can find in my fridge, it can be oranges, apples, grapes, watermelon, honeydew, dragon fruits, celery, carrots, tomatoes and etc. So blender is one of my kitchen essential items.

Julian, Myoga Senior Manager; Gavin Tee, Myoga Managing Director; Peter Davis, Papablend Spokeperson; Lee Ding Ding, Myoga Business Development Director; Dennis Koh, Myoga Training Planner; and Nelson Chew, Pensonic Executive Director

Recently, I just tried out the Pensonic PapaBlend. It is Pensonic’s first blender cum grinder with 8 razor-sharp stainless steel blades that blend fruits and vegetables to the texture that can be easily absorbed by our bodies, maximizing nutrition and taste from juiced fruits, vegetables, grains, and grasses. 

PapaBelnd launched at mYoga in The Gardens last month. This new blender comes with the integration of blender and grinder two in one. PapaBlend is most suitable for those who love drinking healthy beverages. 

Using BPA-free plastic jug, this blender could withstand the temperature of up to 109 degrees Celsius; preventing us from consuming contaminated beverages as a result of overheating.

Nelson Chew, Pensonic Executive Director

According to Nelson Chew, the great thing about this nutrition blender is the Aqua Orbitube which is located on the handle of the jug. The blended fruits, nuts or vegetables will grind and circulate around the jug to provide delicate and exquisite juice enjoyment. Not only the juice is yummy tasting, but it is also the perfect antidote to our all too often neglected health.

Peter Davis demo

Peter Davis also demonstrated some fruits and baby food recipes during the launch event. This high-performance blender can blend mango puree, apple mash, carrot mud, and many more baby food and it is best for moms who choose to make own nutritious food for their babies. This blender is very easy to use and it offers an efficient and convenient way to turn your family’s meals into something that is just right for baby. Additionally, with its simple two-way button, you can easily navigate how smooth or chunky you want to blend your baby’s food. 

If you want to better control the number of vitamins and minerals your baby gets, while also limiting sugar, salt or spices that might be irritating to your baby, you can try some of the great recipes as written in the recipe book by Pensonic. 

Ng Ai Leng. Lucky Draw winner and Nelson Chew, Pensonic Executive Director     

For every purchase of a unit of PapaBlend, each customer will get an exclusive PapaBlend recipe book for free. There are a few recipes written in the book, and if you want more, you could drop Pensonic an email at to find out how you can get the limited edition, over 50-pages long recipe book for free. Inside the book, there is a total of 30 healthy and nutritious recipes, including the recipes of healthy juices, sorbet, natural facial mask, baby food and nutritious paste.

PapaBlend is priced at the introductory price of RM499 for 3-month period and with 1 year warranty. PapaBlend will be on sale at leading electrical appliance outlets early March. Customers can now pre order PapaBlend through Pensonic Sales and Service Centre nationwide and is available for pick-up at the sales and service centers.

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