the boss in Chinatown Manhattan, New York City

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Last Autumn (Oct 2012) I was in New York and Los Angeles. Every time when I was in New York City, if I have time I sure go to Manhattan Chinatown with friends for some food, groceries and walk about. 

Manhattan Chinatown, New York City

NYC Metro: Canal Street Station 

I took Metro (subway) until Canal Street Station when I exited and walk a little is  already Manhattan’s Chinatown. So no need to take taxi just walk but make sure you wears a comfy walking shoes. After exiting the Metro, just walk less than 5 minutes you will reached the hussle bussle streets of Manhattan's Chinatown. Day time is ok to walk around there but  night time can be quite cool and dangerous, better don't.   

Canal Street and Baxter Street Junction

So happened that day when I visited Manhattan Chinatown there was a parade and Lion Dance by the Chinese Associations in New York City, USA. There was like a huge celebration going on with NYPD standby on most of the corners of the major streets in Chinatown. Roads were cleared for the parade and celebration. All the big chinese restaurants was fully booked by the associations and gangs. Seems like Chinese has bought over many prime locations in NYC especially during the sub prime and the trend is still going on. Let's see who is the boss in Manhattan Chinatown, NYC...

The Lion Dance troupe is getting ready and setting up the props for their stunts later. 

Look at me trying to busy and kepoh while they were busy with the final setting. 

Wow! this a HUGE and LONG lion 

The drummer is so 'yeng' surrounded by dragon and lion. 

Chinese Community Centre

The huge crowd at the Parade

Bayard Meat Market is one of the busy groceries place

All cars are suppose to clear away from a few the major roads in Chinatown for the parade however spotted this Merc was parking at the road side in front of a shop. 
What  happen next?  

Obstructing traffic! the NYPD forced open the car, disabled alarm 
and towed away this Merc. 

Nearby there is a Mahayana Buddhist Temple

Jing Fong Restaurant

Jing Fong Restaurant is one of my favourite for Dim Sum and other than that lunch and dinner was good also. I walked in but did not get to dine there because that day the whole restaurant was fully booked by the Chinese Associations, so have to go to another restaurant.

Wootz! spotted Cha Time in Manhattan Chinatown, NYC 

A few blocks away I spotted this Mc'Donalds in Manhattan's Chinatown 
it almost looks like a chinese restaurant. 

What??? USD 8 per pound of Mangosteen 

Do you know how much a pound of Mangosteen in US? Its USD8 per pound, wah so expensive! Over here we can get about RM3 per pound or usually its RM6 per kg. Mangosteen is one of my favourite fruit and it very high in anti-oxidant.   

Woodbury Outlet by Shuttle Bus 

Just a little infor that I would like to add in. You can go to Woodbury Outlet stores by Shuttle Bus. It will only caused you USD35 per person to and fro. Where you depart at 930am from Manhattan Chinatown and return at 530pm from Woodburry Outlet. Happy shopping :)

Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade  

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