H&M for Brick Lane Bikes Collection

Introducing the H&M for Brick Lane Bikes capsule men's collection for this March; capture the full spirit of modern urban cycling. Designed by H&M and tested by Brick Lane Bikes, each piece has all the technical details needed for better cycling, with the versatile city cyclist style that can be worn all day long. 

From water repellant rider jackets and articulated blazers to vintage-inspired bike jerseys and caps, the 11-piece collection combines fashion with functionality. Made entirely from more sustainable materials as part of H&M's Conscious work, the collection will be available in around 180 stores globally from March 7th 2013.

Brick Lane Bikes is one the the world's leading custom-bike specialists. Founded in 2006, Brick Lane Bikes was the UK’s first fixed-gear bike store, specializing in custom-made bikes built in their on-site workshop. Brick Lane Bikes are now at the heart of East London’s cycling scene, making them the perfect team to test and approve this special cycling collection.

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The Brick Lane Bikes Collection will be launched in Malaysia on March 7th 2013 and sold exclusively at the H&M Lot 10 store only. 

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