AEON Shift to Asia Strategy Welcoming New Employees Simultaneously in 5 ASEAN Countries, AEON Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia

AEON welcome 300 new employees simultaneously at major cities in five ASEAN countries namely Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia to share with all new employees about AEON’s unchanging “customer first” philosophy, which has been fostered for over 250 years since its founding.  

In its Medium-term Management Plan (covering fiscal year 2011 to fiscal year 2013), Aeon positions the shift to the Asian market as one of the key facets of the Group-wide common strategy. All Aeon Group companies are combining their efforts to implement measures to achieve growth in China and the ASEAN region. Presently, Aeon is operating approximately 2,300 stores in the formats of SC (shopping center), GMS (general merchandize store), SM (supermarket), HP (hypermarket) and CVS (convenience store) in these areas.

Aeon currently has 9.4 million card members in China and the ASEAN region. Plus Aeon plans to open new SCs in Vietnam and Cambodia in 2014. In order to further promote the “Shift to Asia” strategy, Aeon placing more emphasis on recruiting people who have both local mindsets and global perspectives.

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