The New F&N Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit

The All New in the Market! Last month I tried and tasted The New Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit. Actually this sorbet is not yet available in the market. 

I was happy when I received this 5 cups of Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit from F&N Creameries, these is desserts for the day.

The texture is smooth and moderate creamy. It is not too sweet and sourish for my liking. I like the passion fruits flavour is refreshing and has nice fruit scent. After the second scoop, I chewed some small pieces of fruits. Guess what is that? It’s actually small cubes of rambutan. Love it as it give more umphh when eating F&N Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit. Plus in sorbet is lighter and has less fat than ice cream. After eating the whole tubs I feel pheeww cool down and calm plus has the urged to go for second cup.

F&N Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit
A Spoonful To Reclaim Your Inner Calm

A Spoonful To Reclaim Your Inner Calm. Originally from Brazil, the sweet tangy taste of Passion Fruit has been enjoyed by Brazilians for many years. Passion Fruit is known not only for its great taste but also for its wonderful fragrance. So when you feel the need to take a much needed time out, indulge in a F&N Magnolia Sherbet Passion Fruit. Each delectable mouthful brings you an experience of tranquility from the rainforests of South America.

F&N Magnolia Sherbet Passion FruitLuscious LycheeMarvellous Mangosteenand Magnificent Melon

F&N Magnolia Sherbet is available in four flavours: Passion Fruit, Luscious Lychee, Marvellous Mangosteen, and Magnificent Melon. I am tempted to try out the Marvellous Mangosteen once its available in the market.

F&N Magnolia Sherbet is retail at RM2.50 for a 85ml single serve and RM9.50 for a variety pack of four 85ml cups. It will be available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, petrol marts and grocery outlets nearest to you starting the 15th of February 2013.

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