MAS: Extra 10 kgs Baggage Allowance and New Excess Baggage Rates on Malaysia Airlines flights

Ever had to remove things from your bags because you've exceeded your baggage allowance? Now you don't need to leave anything behind, whether clothes and shoes to see you through formal and casual occasions or different climates, or even creature comforts you can't do without. 

Good news for those who always tip the scales, now you can have extra 10kgs free of charge. I received this information so I think might as well share it here, for those who is going or plan to travel on MH you can take note. Now you can Pack Everything You Need when you are travelling on Malaysia Airlines flights. With that extra 10kgs (actually quite a lot) I can add in lots more stuff in my luggage. Especially those travelling with children and infant, I know you have to bring all those necessities that your baby and children need, so it’s a relieved. Effective 14 February 2013, those flying on MH operated flights across Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East enjoy 10kg extra baggage allowance across all classes. 

Wah!!! this is awesome, no more excess baggage charges for that extra 10 kgs from February 14th 2013 onwards. Its like Valentine treat from Malaysia Airlines. Thanks.  

That's not all. Besides packing everything you need for your trips, you can shop to your heart's content too. The new excess baggage rates, 5kg blocks in Malaysian currency, whether you're flying from Malaysia or outside the country.

Further infor and details double check with Malaysia Airlines

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