Penang Kuan Yin Temple Under Renovation

Penang Kuan Yin Temple Under Renovation

On the 8th Day Of Chinese New Year (17th Feb 2013) I went to Penang Kuan Yin Teng or Kuan Yin Temple with my parents. From afar I was puzzled and surprised to see the Kuan Yin Temple in this condition… 

I walked over to one of the stall that sell praying materials to ask then only I know that Penang Kuan Yin Temple is under renovation. We still can pray but have to enter from the side door. I wonder when is the renovation going to complete… 

Here are some of the pictures during the renovation period

The Penang Kuan Yin Teng is located along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Penang.


  1. This place certainly needs the renovation. Let's hope its a good job because this is such a precious and iconic temple in Penang that survived 2 world wars.

    1. true, I can't wait to see the after renovation

      Sunshine Kelly


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